Chapter 10

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True love chapter 10

Just to let the readers know,that I'm going to do the next update for this book maybe a little later,maybe a week after of two...

The reason to this is that I will be takeing the time I will have to "long lasting road" I'm going to finish it soon,that's why after this long chapter ill see u again on the topic of this book,true love!ENJOY!


"There's some good news for you! The Aldridge have been killed,the island and there city all belongs to me and to Greg,(Greg is Taylor's dad)now that city is for you to walk through! I'm planing on putting that city on your name,

You said you wanted to see what's on the other side of the black gate huh? Well I'm taking you soon"he smiles.

"Really? I want to go to that place soon."I asked.

"Ok,well tell me how was your trip? Where did you guys shop?did you eat at that super rich bakery? Travel?and did Taylor's mother and Taylor buy you dresses! Was there anything for me,your mother,vector?"father only seemed to be worried about the things I brought,I went in my closet and garbed out the clothes I had for them and for myself.

"That's a lot of questions father,but I bought plenty of clothes,and father could I tell you something?"i asked.

I wanted to tell him about Taylor!

He smiled when he saw the marriage dress and all those sari's and V-neck dresses.

Mother rushed in the balcony with fathers night tea.she gave him the cup. Then she picked up a bag of the dresses I brought for her,and she looked so happy.

This was all they cared about.

"Well,I'm going to try this on!"mother yelped in excitement over the green silky beautiful dress that Taylor's mother got for her.

Vector came to the balcony as mother rushed out,vector smiled.

"It feels good to see you in the house again,and all this shopping,wow! This thing is nice,well. You seemed to have fun today didn't you?"vector joked as he touched the elegant things.

What if he tells what he thinks he saw! I must change the topic,I must!

"Yeah,father..has maxi figured out a touter for me? I only have one lesson Left!"I said with a smile.

"Ohh yeah that's what I wanted to tell you,finally maxi has found a guy,I don't know anything about him,I think he's 40 years old,I'm not sure,I haven't seen him yet but tomorrow mourning at 9:00 he and maxi will come,and then 10:00 Taylor will come and take you to the photo place."father said as he drank his tea.

"Photos? Dad! I only have one lesson and that's for 60 minutes,so why do I need a tutor, I can do it online like you made me do through out the whole year last time!...?"I whined!

"Education is important,and you only have that one lesson,after that,the tutor will do your cleaning,I'm planing on having that old guy be your servant..but he went somewhere 10 minutes ago and I sent out maxi to find him! It's late at night,so that's all out,right vector?"father smiled at vector.

"Yeah,by the way father? Taylor's army went to fight the other side? Did they ask you?"vector changed the topic.

"Go to sleep now,and take your bags sweet heart!"father told me.

Finally I can go meet ray now,I left the balcony with my bags and hid in a corner.

I wanted to listen for five more minutes to be sure they wouldn't talk about me.

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