Chapter 1

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Forever and Always

Chapter 1

      I sighed as I glanced at my watch. 9 o'clock. He was 2 hours late. Why hadn't he called? I thought we were perfect for each other. It wasn't like him not to call when he was going to be late. Had something happened? Was he in trouble? All of these thoughts ran through my head as I proceeded to glance at my watch and sighed yet again, putting my head down on the table. I thought back to months ago, when we were in New York City. I smiled into my arms as I relived my happiest memory.


      I giggled as a snowflake fell onto my nose. I snuggled closer to my boyfriend, Derek. We strolled farther into Central Park. I could see the giant tree in the distance. The luminescent lights filled the arm with a multi-colored glow, and soft Christmas music drifted into the air. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

    We entered a square in the middle of the park. Actually, it was shaped like a circle. A small pavilion rested in the center of it, a small bench protected from the soft blanket of snow that covered the park. Derek led me to the pavilion and we sat down on the bench together, holding hands.

     In the distance, we could hear the shouts and giggles of the ice skaters, enjoying their evening. Derek kept glancing at me, and then looking down at his hands.

"Derek, is everything ok?" I asked in a small voice.

He looked into my eyes and smiled, saying "Actually, everything is going perfectly for now. But hopefully you won't freak out to much in a minute."

I stared at him with confused eyes. "What are you talking about Derek?"

He just continued to smile like crazy as he fumbled with his jacket. Suddenly he rose and stared at me straight in the eye.

At last he spoke out, "Well, here goes nothing."

He leaned down and rested on one knee. I gasped as he continued speaking to me.

"Rose, I want you forever, forever and always, through our good, bad and ugly. I want to grow old with you, and have you be mine, forever and always. Rose, will you marry me?"

    Unable to get any words out, I shook my head up and down, promising to marry the man that I love. He smiled up at me and slipped the ring onto my finger. He rised and I slid my arm around him, pulling him into a loving grasp.

   I smiled as I heard in the background, all I want for Christmas is you....

      That was the truest thing I had ever heard.

   A shrill ringing interrupts my daydream. I lift up my head and sprint to the phone. Picking it up before checking the caller i.d., I manage to get out  a small "Hello?"

"Hello, is this Ms. Lane?"

"Yes, that's me."

"Well,  Mr. Johnson has been hit by a car, and is now at Willmington Hospital."

            I gasp and drop my phone, hearing it clatter to the floor. I race to my closet and pull out my jacket, stuffing my arms into the sleeves. Sprinting to my front door, I grab my keys off of the table and step outside into the cool air, not even bothering to lock the front door. Sliding into my car, I twirl the key into the slot and speed out of my driveway, making a sharp right. Racing against the clock, I speed the entire way there. Luck has finally come my way tonight, and I don't get pulled over by any cops.

     At last I reach the hospital. Sliding into a spot in the ER parking, I ran out and through the double doors. Looking desperately around, I walked over to a middle-aged nurse and shakily said "Where's Derek Johnson's room?"

     The nurse gave me a sympathetic look and said, "Room 438"

I sprinted down the halls. The farther I went, the more depressing the stories became. A woman with blood covering her sheets. A boy in a wheelchair. A soldier that had lost an arm. I grimaced and continued down my way. 435, 436, 437, 438.

         I rush into the room and see my fiance lying on his bed, the steady beep of a machine in the background. A doctor turns around and sees me.

  "Rose? Derek is in a coma."


    AAAH so this is my first chappie. Happy then sad :P Hope everyone looooved it :D More to come you know what to do...Comment, vote, and fan me if you haven't already :D


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