Story of a girl with hidden beauty

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There once was a girl named Eliza she was always called Eliza the ugly. People told her she would never be anything, never be beautiful, and never get a husband of handsomeness, she was told to go marry the town drunk Bob. Eliza had one sister 2 years younger named Scarlette. Eliza's mother ravished all her attention to her spoiled rotter sister Scarlette, Eliza thought" she's to rotten to deserve this, but who am I to complain she's stunning plus she was betrothed( said to be married) to the prince of England(where they lived) who's name was Sir prince Chase of England but that was his full name most just called him prince Chase". One day Eliza was scrubbing the kettle when Scarlette and Prince Chase strolled into the room. Scarlette shouts "Eliza get us some tea then get out of here the prince and I want some time alone". Eliza thought "ohhh the prince he is so handsome why is he with a girl like Scarlette, and not a girl like I, I may not have outer beauty but I'm stunning on the inside". Then Eliza said "why must I fetch you tea I am not your maid I am your elder sister you may fetch your own tea". And commented "pleasure to see you Prince Chase i hope you're day is serving you well". Prince Chase replied " Pleasure to see you um I'm sorry your name". "It's Eliza I thought you knew.... Never mind it's no big deal" replied Eliza. "yes of coarse Eliza my day is rather fine how is your day treating you" said the prince. "well besides Scarlette very well" she replied. "while were young Eliza" screamed Scarlette. "well I must got it was good seeing you Prince Chase" said Eliza trying to sound flirty but it came out less than that. "And you to um....... Eliza" he said. Then she ran off into the kitchen. About 10 minuets later Eliza returned saying "I have tea how to you take it". "plain for me" said Scarlette with a snooty sound in her voice. "Double sugar"said the prince. Eliza thought "aww his voice is full of love and he smells as sweet as he looks".


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