Another Day Another Woman (Harry Styles Fanfic) One Direction

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-This is my first story i've written be nice and give feedback

-I don't have any set characters so two people are on each part right now i'll look over it and before I post chapter two i'll decide !!






The loud music coming from Xtra awakens me, my head pulsating almost in sync with the music.

"Hey, come on its time to go !" said a voice over me it sounded familiar .

"Whattimeisit" I managed to slur out

" 3:00 o clock in the bloody morning, get up NOW ! " I definitely knew the voice now

"Where is Linda..." I asked confused

"Who the hell is Linda !" the voice becoming shorter and more aggressive by the second

"Huh?" I asked not sure what he had just said

"Harry get up THIS INSTANT im not sta...... " The voice faded out and everything went black

I awaken on a hard yet acceptable soft ... something ... with a blanket over me . Head still throbbing in rhythm to music that is no longer there.

I fight to open my eyes, it feels like I have 2,000 lbs on them ! After sometime trying to pry them open I manage to open them just enough to see a figure that is flashing too many colors at once for me to focus on.

I slowly re-adjust my body in to a more "Comfortable" position, although right now the only comfort im going to get is in 1200 mg of morphine .

"So your awake !"

Who said that I think to myself

"The same person who drug your sorry arus out of a club the 4th night this week and its only Friday !"

Did I say that aloud, I guess I did !

I tilt my head up to reveal an overly in raged (Liam or Louis). His face full of anger with just a hint of sadness.

" Harry I Can't keep bailing you out night after night...."

I immediately get in raged, why I still don't know. Its just the way he said it struck a nerve

"Bailing me out !?" I whisper scream

"Yes bail you out, its like im a mother and im raising an overly grown child !" his voice intense yet calm

"Well I didn't ask you to, and don't worry you don't have to "Save me" anymore !" My voice coming out a little more projected this time

"Please if I didn't come get you, you would be still outside that shit-of-a-club calling for some girl named Linda !" His voice now intensified to almost perfectly match mine

"Linda !?" I ask not remembering a girl for the club yet alone a Linda

"Yes, you basically fought me to wait for this "Linda" girl for almost 2 hours !

That name rung no bells in the head, that still had about a million ringing bells going off in it still.

"What time is it" I asked trying to get my brain on here and now

"Half past 8, why"  Liam Asked confused

"No reason, do we have any ibuprofen ? " I ask hoping he would drop the subject

"There is some in the medicine cupboard. "

"Thanks" I trudge to the bathroom, when did I get off the couch ?

I go to the bathroom and throw freezing cold water on my face hoping it would aid in some kind of relief.

My phone rings

"Hello ?" I answer

"Well, Well, Well !" A ladies voice said from the other end

"Mother ?" I asked confused and not sure whats going on

"So now im your mum, after you leave me stranded at the club looking for you !" The girls voice blistering my ear drum

"I should have listened to my friends, I knew not to trust a celebrity"

Aw shit, I don't remember any thing from last night and now I have a screaming girl in my ear !

"Babe, im sorry im not sure what your talking about"

there is a long awkward silence then I hear sniffles

"Darling, are you alright" I asked genuinely concerned

"No, I thought you were different" she says so low i can barely hear her, then the line goes dead .





Thanks for reading .... Do you like ? What should I change ? Any feedback !

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And you get Chapter Two :D

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