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Here's the first interview for the Watty Project! This is from xXsilentloverXx, the author of My Schizophrenic Lover and more awesome stories.

About the Author

1. How about you tell the readers a little about yourself? Alright. Hey :3 I'm Love. I love writing dark romantics or not-so-perfect love stories. I'm really nice and love to talk.

2. Are you more of a reader or a writer? Writer for sure. I don't enjoy reading very much... I used to. But not so much anymore. I read books if they are unique and really really good.

3. How would you describe your imagination? Uhhh... I'm not really sure. I feel like it's pretty open.

4. How did you find Wattpad? My friend found it and she told me to read Love Like A Delinquent by 3mmaRawrs and I have been addicted to Wattpad ever since.

5. Do you see writing as a career? Yes. As a second job. I want to design shoes for Vans or Converse and write books in my free time.

About the Stories

1. Where did you get the ideas for your stories? Schizophrenia has always interested me. And all I can write is romance stories so I smashed the two together. I also wrote a teen pregnancy story. I write real life uncliche stories with depressing twists and a taste of the brightside.

2. Do you plan on putting anything in the Watty Awards? Yes. As of right now. My Schizophrenic Lover is enter in the the Watty Awards. And I am entering the sequel My Flawed Perfection in it as well.

3. Who is your favorite character out of all the stories you have written? Kaden. For sure. He is so sweet and perfect. I just love him :3

4. Can you relate to any of your characters? Yes. Every character has a taste of me. But Kaden, is me exactly to a tee.

Behind the Desk

1. When did you first start writing? 4th grade. Then I gave up in 6th &7th grade. When I found this website and started reading a little but more I started typing this story I have written and sitting in my closet.

2. What inspires you to write? My girlfriend and My fans. Mostly my fans.

3. Have you ever had writer's block? If so, how did you get rid of it? A few times. I reread my story that always helps. Or whenever I get an idea. I write it down. So when I get writers block I look over that list of ideas and it's like oh! Perfect! Haha

4. Do you have any tips for any new writers? Your story is yours. No one else's. Dont let one hater keep you from pursuing your dream.

Also Non-fiction stories are attention seeking. They let people in the same situation feel not so alone and let them know that others have similar experiences

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