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I woke up in Liams arms with  nasty hangover. All i remember of last night was that it rocked until the police showed up and scared everyone out. It was actually a fun night. I looked up to see Liam was deep in thought. I lifted up and kissed his cheek snapping him out of his trance.

" Morning!" I chirped.

" Morning Love." He smiled back.

" What are we doing today?" I asked laying my head back on his firm chest.

" Well today. I am taking my beautiful girlfriend out on a date. And later we have a concert where the girl of my dreams will be sitting front row." He smiled kissing my head sending butterflys run through my body.

" Well. That sounds brilliant. And Where might my handsome, strong, and intellegent boyfriend might be taking me?" I asked in a funny voice.

" that my dear is a surprise." He grinned making my groan, I ahted surprises with a passion. He knew that too.

" I hate you." I murmered.

" No you love me." He smiled.

" Your right." I grumbled. Making him pull my small frame into a bear hug making me go dizzy.

" Lets go get some breakfast... and an advil."  I said rubbing my head. MY hangover wasnt too bad just enough to make my head ache. I rolled out of bed and hit the cold ground. Liam right behind me. I grabbed his hand and led him out. I heard snores throughout the entire house.

" Everyone must have a hangover." I said tip toeing through the hall past Harrys room.

" Start on the pancakes I will wake everyone up." I said motioning for him to go. He nodded then wished me good luck. I decided Niall might be the easiest to wake up. I just had to mention food. I walked quietly into his room. Stepping over all of his things scattered over the floor. I made it to his bed and rubbed his back.

" Nialler. Wake up." I said tapping him. He didnt stirr.

" We are making pancakes." I said standing back waiting for the spring.

" what?" He asked opening his eyes and lifting his body up.

" Pancakes down stairs." I repeated. He then leapt out of bed running down the stairs. I rolled my eyes chuckiling at the strange food monster.

Next would be loui. I walked to his room and sat on his bed. Rubbing his arm. " Lou wake up." I said trying to be nice.

" no. Go away." He said muffled as his head was in the pillow. He then whipped a pillow at my face mumbling something. Thats it. I stepped onto his bed starting to jumped.

" WAKE UP! you lazy arse!" I yelled jumping on him.

" I am not Lazy!" He protested.

" We have pancakes downstiars. Hurry before niall eats them all. there is advil down there." I siad pushing him off the bed. He got up and walked down the stairs. I laughed I had the best friends ever. I made my way to Harrys room knowing he was gonna be a challenge But there was no way Zayn was gonna get up without a fight.

I walked to Harrys room knowing my best ettept was jumping on him. So I did  a cannon ball  onto his bed.

It didnt work I started shaking his back. But he rolled over and grabbed me by the waist and muffiling me with his body.

" Harry!" I tried to yell it didnt work, then relization hit me.. he sleeps naked.

" Harry! Get off of me! your naked! Eww! Help! help!" I tried screaming and kicking. then I heard a chuckle. I looked up and saw my 'amazing' boyfriend  laughing at me from the door way, and my 'best friends' joining him.

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