Chapter 3 (Makenzie's P.O.V)

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I click my tongue. "Well, don't I feel like a bitch now." I say half joking.

"Don't, I deserved it!" Jason exclaimed. I look him in the eye.

"Just know that, If you ever hurt my little sister again your gone." I say with a serious tone

"What do you mean by "gone"?" Jason asks. I narrow my eyes at him.

"You don't want to know..." I say as serious ans possible then smile and laugh. Everyone joins in. I turn to smile at Seth and Sly when i notice their both staring at me, mouths hanging open. Feeling uncomfortable I turn back to look at Moon and Jason, who are telling the boys the shut their mouths while giggling.

I turn look at them and then read their minds. ' WOW!' Seth thought. ' Those Tits!' Sly thought. I giggle then hug both of them at that same time.When i pull back i giggle then walk down the hallway with pride. "Off to lunch!" I say while walking. I turn around to see the boys still staring and Jason and moon holding hands. I giggle then  turn around and stop quickly when i notice that our schools quarter back is in my way.

"Uh, may i help you?" I ask annoyed.

"You're a sexy Little bitch aren't you?" He replies.

"HEY! Don't you ever talk to her like that and back off she doesn't deserve a cheater like you" Sly yells while stepping in front of me.

"You back off bro she doesn't deserve a freak" He replies. I walk around sly and in front of Derek.

"Don't talk to him or me like that you hear?!" I yell at him while on my tip toes in my converse and staring into his eyes. He takes a step back and walks away. I turn to Sly then hug him tightly and snuggle my head into his chest.

"Thank you for defending me." I say then kiss him on the cheek, after that I can sense Seth's jealousy. Sly smiles.

"Anytime," He puts his arm around my shoulder and starts to walk, " I like you, You're sweet yet feisty." he says then I giggle. We continue to walk like that, in the lunch line and when we sit at our table. When we sit i notice Seth's jealousy.

"Well you two weem to be getting along." Moon says jokingly. I giggle.

"Yeah he is super funny, But I was thinking, moon want to move in with me?" I ask.

'Oh, I live with the boys."

"Oh, well you guys want to come along?"

"Yes!" Sly answers quickly.

"okay then," I start to say then notice Seth's left out, "want to come too Seth?" I ask with a smile. A smile grows on his face.

"Yeah." He says happily. I smile then take a bite of pizza before some cheerleader walks straight up to Jason and sits on his lap. My eyes go wide and I look at Seth for answers.

'Oh shit, not this shit again.' He thought to himself.

"Um, what are you doing?!" Moon asks the girl.

"Sitting on my mans lap." the girl replies with an attitude. I watch as Moons face grows angry. She stands up grabs the girl by the hair and pulls her off of Jason's lap.

"Look, Missy you better back the FUCK OFF!," She begins her rampage, her eyes going dark and her hands clenched. I'm scared shit less, "If you don't leave me and MY man alone I will kick your ass tight here right now! I'll take the first hit." Moon says before she slaps Missy across the face leaving nail marks down to her chin. At that note I try to stand but Sly holds me back.

"Don't." he whispers to me. I pull away and go behind Moon putting my hands on her shoulders changer her mood from angry to relaxed. I face Missy Keeping on hand on Moon.

"Get out of here." I say as i watch a trickle of blood runs down her cheek and into her blond hair. I hear a low snarl come from behind Missy. I walk around her to see Seth have a angry look on his face. I run over to him and start to rub his shoulders trying to find his emotion. Hunger? ' Why is he hungry?' I ask myself then change it to relaxed. I kiss him on the cheek.

"Relax, it's okay." I say then kiss his cheek again. After he's fully relaxed I hug him from behind. I felt Sly stare at me , uncomfortable I move back to my seat and bite my pizza. Sly puts his arm back around my shoulders and smiles when i get comfy.

"Well then," I start,"Anyone up for hanging out after school?"

"Sure!" they all yell at once. I giggle then close my eyes and focus on trying to figure out why it feels wrong to have Sly's arm around me.'Because he's human, Dumb ass!' I think to myself. I open my eyes to see Seth's eyes meet mine. They were full with happiness, love, and compassion. I got lost in his big chocolate brown eyes.

I snap out of it when Sly takes him arm off my shoulders and excuses himself. I watch him walk away. "Hey," Seth says then sits in Sly's spot next to me. He smiles at me and i become speechless. He's so beautiful!, "You don't have to say anything, but i just noticed we had a moment back there and i needed to do this." He says then put's his hand on the back of my neck and kisses me quickly then moves back to his seat. I hear Moon and Jason gasp but i ignore it.

I bring my hand to my lips. They tingle. Sly sits back down next to and i jump when he put's his arm back on my shoulders. I look at Sly who is smiling at me. I return the smile and look at Seth who smiles and winks at me. I close my eyes and think to myself 'What does Moon think?' I open my eyes to see Moon staring at me with a huge open mouthed smile and wide eyes, so i look into her mind. 'AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!' I hear in her head. I roll my eyes then stand up grab Sly's hand and lead him to the quad.

When we get to a spot where we're alone I look at him in the eyes. I try to read them. Lust, love and care. "Why are we here?" Sly asks. I can't hold it in. I had to know

"Do you like me?" I blurt out. He smirks.

"Very." he smiles then walks to me grabbing me by the waist and pulling me close to his perfectly slim body. He stares into my eyes then brushes a strand of hair behind my ear then kisses me softly, compassionately.

Holding the kiss I bring my arms up and tangle my fingers into his hair, as he puts on hand on my cheek and the other on my lower back. I feel his tongue try to snake into my mouth. I allow it in as i step a little closer to him. He moved his hand down a little and cupped my butt. I let out a slight whimper as he squeezed it. I pull back and look him in the eyes.

"We need to get back to the others." i say then grab his hand and walk back to the lunch room. When we walk through the doors and sit back down everyone at our table is looking at our hands. Noticing I haven't let go yet I do so and put my hands in my lap. Sly, not caring puts his arms back around my shoulders. I continue looking into y lap noticing one small detail my lips didn't tingle.

After school I waited for Moon to come out of her last class. When she exits she kisses jason then he leaves headding off to his car. I walk over to Moon. "My car, now, we need to talked." I say then grab her hand and race to my car. I unlock the doors and hop in. Moon cautiously gets in the car. As soon as the car door shuts I sigh then let it out. "I kissed them" I whisper. Then her face lit up.

"Oh mmy gosh I know I saw!!"

'No moon not him them I kissed Sly too."


"I had to see if it o=would be the same." I say in my defense.

"Well?" She asked curiously.

"well after I kissed Seth my lips tingle and I was shocked. Then when I kissed Sly they didn't tingle I was full of lust." I say then watch her face grow happy.

"Then it's settled you are in love with Seth." she replies.

Before I could reply Seth knocks on my window, causing me to jump. I roll down the window. "Yeah?" I ask.

"You mind giving me a lift? Sly got mad at me so he left without me." He asks a little annoyed.

"sure hop in the back." I reply. 'This will be the most awkward car ride' I think to my self while pulling out of the parking lot. Trying to avoid talking i turn on the radio.

"So, hey what did you and Sly talk about during lunch" Seth yells over the music


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