Chapter 2

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****Jake's POV****

I was sitting upstairs when I heard the door open.

"Jake?" I heard Kevin's voice travel through the house. "Someone's here to meet you."

"K, be down in a sec." I shouted back. I got off my bed and ran downstairs.

"K, Im.... Whoa, who's this?" I asked. The girl standing next to him was beautiful, and oddly familier.

"I'm Aaliyah. Aaliyah Jensen." The girl said, holding out her hand.

Instead of shaking it, I turned around and ran back upstairs. I went back into my room and slammed the door shut.

Memories from my past came back.

"Jake!!! Jake!!" Aaliyah screamed. "Answer me, Jake!! I wanna ask you something!!" Her scream turned into a whine.

"Not right now, Ali, maybe later." I answered

"Fine." She pouted.

We were on our way home from our grandpas house, Ali, Jasime and I. Our grandpa was in the front, messing m with the radio. He was paying attention to the radio, and not the road. Before we knew it, we had collided with another car. Jasmine was killed instantly, and I was hurt pretty badly. Ali was just sitting in her seat, screaming and crying.

"Jasmine!!! JASIMINE!!!! ANSWER ME JAZZY!!!!!" Aaliyah screamed. When Jasmine didn't answer, Aaliyah continued to scream.

"Ali, I don't think Jasmine's ever going to answer you." Grandpa said

"But she has to!!!!" Ali screamed. They had forgotten that I was in the car with them, so I slipped out.

"Ali, I think Jazzy's dead." I heard grandpa say.

"NOOOOO!! SHE CAN"T BE DEAD!! SHE CAN"T BE!!!" Ali shouted. "What do you think, Jake?" I heard Ali ask. "Jake?? JAKE!!! JAKE WHERE ARE YOU!!!!" She shouted.

"Ali, honey, I think Jake's probably dead to" I heard grandpa tell her.


"I'm sorry, Aaliyah, they're gone."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I heard Aaliyah shout one last time before slipping into the woods. I was going to live with a friend of mine that lived a long ways away from home. It was someone my parents didn't even know.

I began running through the woods. And I kept running, for days and days. Nobody found me. Last I heard, everyone believed I was dead.

It took me weeks to get where I was going. When I arrived, I was hungry, dehydrated and sick. I knocked on the door and right away someone answered.

"Jake?" Kevin asked. This was long before his family and I moved to England.

"I.. I need a place to live. My parents and sister think I'm dead. Please let me stay here, living at home was a nightmare." I begged him. He looked at me, and realized I was not doing so well.

"Of course, Jake. Come in and I'll get you some food." Kevin answered.

"Thank you soo much, Kev." I said and walked into his house.

"Mom?? Jake's here, and he's gonna be staying with us." Kevin shouted with a huge grin on his face.

"Ummmmmmm... Ok, I guess. Are his parents ok with this.?" His mother asked.

"His parents think he's dead." Kevin answered.

"Ummmmmm... Ok, Jake, come right in." She said.

After I had some dinner and something to drink, Kevin gave me some of his clothes to wear. We just sat in his room and talked for a little bit.

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