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So i guess i got lucky. Something sparked a new idea and believe me this chapter may be more of the romance crap but the next will be the start of an all out war. Hope y'all aren't to mad at me for not updating. anywho enjoy ;) XOXO Fallen


I take a deep breath and follow Luke out to the front steps. The staff and students are spread out at the base of the stairs. Their eyes widen with fear confusion and anger as they spot the black wolf that is standing at my side. I hadn't even noticed Josh change.

"Hunters, Huntress', Staff, and Friends before you jump to any conclusions let me begin with an explanation. The night I went missing I was out trading myself in to save my parents. Little did I know my best friend Josh was the beta of the Blood Moons. When the trade was going down he arrived and ended up saving me. His boys would have killed me or taken me back to their compound to torment me. He took me in under his protection. He saved me from a wild wolf and his pack. So please open your hearts a little to at least understand my reason. I owe him my life. You all owe him for saving your leader. I had to let him come with us. Most of you know me; I can't let a friend die."

"Really Poppy?" A kid shouts. "It never seemed to bother you that you destroyed half of Rex!"

"You think I don't regret that? I was young and stupid! Unlike you all I hadn't yet gotten here. I hunted on my terms. I killed and tortured in the ways I thought would get results. I was making a name for myself. A name still feared by wolves everywhere today. What can you say about your name? Is it feared? Do wolves literally growl in anger and disgust when someone mentions you? What I did to Rex started the fear. The Huntress with the witch craft skills. I scare wolves for a reason. What I did was suppose to be nothing more than a simple legend!" I hiss.

"She is not held for what she did. We got over that a long time ago and anyone who tries to lay my anger and hatred on someone without my permission obviously has the wrong mind set. I forgave Poppy and she has done nothing but try to help me through this since her mistake. I do not hate her nor am I mad. The anguish is there but I can't blame her." Rex declares loudly.

Josh looks at me with a questioning glance and Luke glares at Josh. I sigh and face the crowd.

"Josh is not going to end up like Rex. What happened with Rex is the biggest regret I have. I would take my choice back in a heartbeat if I could save him from that pain. As a leader, heck, as a hunter even you have to make tough calls. I promise you, you will not like them but you must make them. It could mean the life or death for someone you care about. Most of you, I'm sure, haven't been put in a situation where giving up to save someone has been offered. Believe me though when you care enough about that person there's no other option."

"Ma'am you sound almost heartless. You really can't believe that giving up is ever an answer." A girl near the front says with wide terror filled eyes.

"My sweet innocent girl, in this world believing doesn't mean a thing. It's a fact world. The facts just aren't always good. When you've been put into a situation where you finally feel that heartbreak, that pain a victim's family goes through you give up on a lot. Your hope dies with that person." I stop close my eyes and take a deep breath. "The only feeling that surpasses that is when you realize they have become what you seek to destroy. When they become the leader of something horrific, terrifying, you don't think you simply react. Oh my dear, you don't think. Your heart dies inside when you're in that moment. Hope doesn't exist in this world. Dreams, Happiness, Love they all become second to the hunt. If you can't imagine that, if you can't live that then please walk out now. Your feelings will die, but if there is any doubt toward the cause you will die. Believe me though it might not be your end."

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