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I wake up because of my alarm clock. I blinked and look over at the time, 6:30. Why so early? Panic struck me as I remembered. Today was the first day of school. I didn't was to go of course, the first day was always the worst. But I had to do it. I groaned and clambered out of bed. Looking outside, it was foggy, and the sun was just starting to rise. I figured I'd better get dressed, eat, and get my stuff. I put on some black skinny jeans, my favorite shirt, the one with the smiling cat, and put a bobby pin in my hair to keep it from going in my face.

  I went out to the kitchen and made myself a piece of toast with peanut butter. As I sat down to eat it, I saw some wrapping paper still on the floor. My birthday had actually been the day before, it was always the day before school started. I had turned 16. I got a few gifts, I never really asked for much. My parents got me this amazing black and pink striped shirt, a soft blue scarf, and they also got me these cool swimming goggles.

  I finished my toast quickly and went to my room to make sure I had everything I needed for my first day of school. I was startled when my mom came into my room. "Hey sweetie, are you ready for today?" She asked with a warming smile. " Yea, I guess so, " I responded. If you ask me, I was never really ready. I didn't like school much, but I still did homework, and did my best to study. I was really only a B student, but I got the occasional A.

  Mom left and went to the kitchen, and I put on my scarf, and my black ankle boots. When I went out to the kitchen, mom handed me a paper sack. "I packed you lunch," she said. "Oh, thanks!" I responded, giving her a hug. I was grateful, I had forgotten all about lunch. I didn't want to be embarrassed on my first day, by forgetting lunch.

  Looking at my watch, I saw it was 7:48. The school bus would be here at 8:00, so I had only 12 minutes left to wait. I decided to go and stand out in the sidewalk to wait. Heaving my backpack onto my shoulder, I opened the door and stepped out. The sun hit me and instantly I felt itchy. It got increasingly worse, it began to hurt. Like ants were crawling all over me while biting, then burning. I scratched at it, but it only made it horribly worse. I hurriedly opened out door again, stepping inside and slammed it shut. I fell against the wall, my backpack sliding off as I felt my face. Mom rushed over when she heard it. "Are you ok?" I looked at her, a little scared. "I went outside, and my skin felt like it was burning," I explained to her, breathing hard. " I don't know why it happened. Nothing has happened to me like that before. " Mom suddenly looked nervous, and she motioned for me to stand up and sit at the table. "But the school bus... ," I started, looking out the window window. "Just forget it," she said. "I need to talk to you." I hesitated, looking out the window again to see the bus stop across the street for a few kids. But I listened to mom, and sat down at the table. "What do you need to tell me?" I asked her, a little intrigued. "Do you know why my skin was burning? "

"I do," she said, her face looking concerned. "Do you know how your dad and I take medicine every morning?"

"Yea, " I said. "But aren't they just vitamins?"

" No, " she said back. "They are for... Well to keep our skin from burning."

" What, what are you saying,as? " I asked, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Well Irene," she said, looking me straight in the eyes. "We are vampires."

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