Food fight!

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I immediately shot up. I was all sweaty from the nightmare that had just woken me up, even though I did not remember anything about it. That's weird, I wonder why I was all sweaty? I stood up and ran to my bathroom. It was already 10:00am and I hadn't done anything. I peeled off my sweat soaked clothes and hoped into the burning hot shower. I placed my iPhone on shuffle and What Makes you Beautiful blasted through the bathroom. I sang along and soon enough I jumped out and started drying myself off. I grabbed a pair of acid wash skinny jeans and a pink tank with a floral pattern. Yes I know, I wear a lot of floral but, I just love the pattern. I then slipped on my fuzzy pink slippers and padded out into the kitchen to find something to eat, there probably wasn't much I had forgotten to go shopping yesterday. I grabbed a granola bar and went to watch some t.v until my pocket started vibrating. I took out my iphone and saw it was a text from Josh.

Hey sis. Had last minute band rehursal. I'm sending Harry and Niall over to check up on you in a few xx

I read and answered.

Ok that's fine xx

I then went back to eating, my chocolate chip granola bar.

"knock knock!" I heard the boys yell. Oh boy, hopefully I don't screw this up. I really think I have a crush on Harry.

"Doors open!" I yelled back. As I passed a wall mirror I checked myself and wanted to make sure I looked alright.

"Hey babe" Harry said with a wink while flashing his pearly white teeth and Niall tensed up. What's up with him?

"Hey guys," I said with a smile planted on my face.

All of a sudden Niall pushed Harry over and came and squished all the air out of me. "Niall! Can't. Breathe. Help." I managed to choke out.

"Sorry babe." Niall said turning pink, but he still managed to let out a giggle.

"Erm.. I'm hungry!" Harry complained, walking into the kitchen.

"Kay you want chocolate covered pretzels?" I asked.

"Yesss!" they both answered. "Make it yourself, Lazy boys" I said, laughing at their excitement. Then all of a sudden Harry came over and sat on me. "Harold! Get your big butt off me!" I complained.

"Will you help ussss?" he complained.

"Fineee," I sighed, pushing Harry onto the floor.

Soon enough the three of us were melting chocolate. No more than two pretzels into the process, I got a huge glob of chocolate on my face. Niall smirked and ducked as I threw one back at him. Harry turned and saw Niall and took the whole pot and dumped it over Niall's head.

"Haha! Sukka! " I screamed to Niall and then was enveloped in a huge hug from him in return. Then we both smirked and hugged Harry. I wiped my hand in his curls and soon a full on food fight started. It was actually pretty fun, except for the "get messy" part.

We layed in the kitchen floor covered in melted chocolate with pretzels stuck in various places. It was really uncomfortable.

"Let's go wash off," I forced.

"I agree!" Niall said and lifted me off the ground and threw me over his shoulder. Harry had a frown on his face but then ran ahead of us to the backyard and hooked up the hose. Niall set me on the grass, which then started sticking to the chocolate that covered my pants. My hair was clumped together from the chocolate and it was all in my face. So, I wiped my hair out of my eyes and when I opened them both Harry and Niall were standing there in their boxers hosing each eother off. Well...this isn't something you see everyday. I giggled. All of a sudden they turned around facing me and before I knew it I was drenched with water and the chocolate was slowly dripping off me. I ran up to Harrey and Niall and pushed them playfully onto the grass and Niall fell down with a look of hurt in his eyes. Harry managed to stand up within a few seconds with the hose in his hands and he started to spray me till the chocolate was off of me.

I ran away squealing because the water was absolutely freezing. i ran inside with both of them chasing after me.

"Ok so, I'm going to get in the shower. There's a shower in Josh's bathroom and a shower in the guest bathroom for you guys." I informed pointing to the rooms. I then hoped into my shower. I scrubbed away the chocolate and sang my heart out to Call Me Maybe that was blasting from my iphone. After about 20 minutes I got out and wrapped a towl around my dripping body. I then tied my hair up into a bun and applied my makeup lightly. I threw on some cute white jean shorts and a light blue long sleeve shirt that buttoned up at the top. I slipped my fuzzy flip flop slippers on and skipped out into the living room. Niall and harry were having a heated conversation of something I couldn't hear. I just tried to ignore it and walked into the kitchen.

I cleared my throat.

"Hey boys I'm just going to clean the kitchen up." I said in a cheery tone.

"Its alright love i did it before you got down here." Niall told me. Oh well that was nice of him, considering the fact there was probably chocolate everywhere.

"Oh thanks," I said to Niall with a smile. Harry gave Niall a look that could kill. What was up with them today. I felt kind of victimized by them.

Just then Josh burst through the door with Liam, Louis, and Zayn.

"Hello love. Were you keeping the boys under control?" Liam asked, with a slight laugh. Such a daddy, I thought.

"Yes Liam I did. Don't worry." I answered, also with a laugh.

"Yeah so, Emily could I talk to you?" Liam asked.

"Sure," I said with confusion. I led him down the hall to the bonus room, where it was more private.

"Ok, so you know Danielle right?" he asked with a serious face.

"Yeah, I've talked to her a few times. What is it? I said, noticing he was nervous.

"Well her birthday is coming up and i want to ask her to be my wife," he said calmly with a smile.

"Oh my gosh Liam thats great!" i said grabbing both of his hands. "I want you to take her on a shopping spree though tomorrow if you dont mind?" he asked with his serious face once again.

"Oh yeah sure! i love shopping," i said smiling.

"Oh great thanks, i just need her away for a few hours so i can plan everything out." he said.

"Oh no problem Liam." I said sincerely.


We walked back to boys and decided to play truth or dare. Of course it was requested by Louis, and right now i'm the only girl. So far Harry had to kiss Louis, which didn't happen. Liam had to try to suduce Zayn. I was laughing the hole time. Then Josh made Niall tell us about his first crush. Then I was picked by Louis and he asked who I currently liked. I couldn't tell them that I liked both Niall and Harry! So I lied I'm not proud of it but I did.

"Uhm, no one right now. I'm waiting for the right guy to come along." I said not wanting to make eye contact with Harry or Niall. But then i noticed both of them tensing up. What was wrong? Did I do something wrong? I had no idea what was going on with them but I was going to find out soon.


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