Chapter 1

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“Katy Perry’s on replay, she’s on replay. DJ got the floor to shake, the floor to shake. People goin’ all the way, yeah all the way. I’m still wide awake!” My phone played as I groaned and reached out for it.

“Whoever it is go away! I’m sleeping.” I answered not even bothering to look at the ID.

“Well hello to you too.” My brother’s accent said chuckling through the phone.

“Niall! Oh my god I’m so sorry! I didn’t even look to see who it was!”

“It’s ok. You’ve never been a morning person.”

“Damn, how’d you know?” I said sarcastically. I heard chuckles coming from the other end of the line but it wasn’t Niall. “Nialllll?” I said dragging out his name.

“Yes?” He asked innocently.

“Am I on speaker?”





“Hey!” I heard a British accent yell. “You’ve never even met us!”

“Ok, 1, who was that and, two, I don’t need to meet you. Niall’s told me enough.”

“I’m Zayn, and has Niall been bad mouthing us?” Just then I heard a bang down stairs.

“ALL OF YOU SHUT UP I HEARD SOMETHING DOWNSTAIRS! Call you back bro!” I said and hung up before anyone said anything else. I grabbed the closest thing to me which happened to be my skateboard. Thankfully I didn’t put it away last night. I tip toed down stairs and I walked around the house. After a while I felt someone wrapped their arms around my waist and cover my mouth. I swung around and hit their arm with my skate board as the lights came on. “SHIT!” The familiar Irish accent of my brother shouted. “OH MY GOD NIALL WHAT THE HELL?!?!” I shouted.

“Nice to see you too!”

“Oh no you don’t. You don’t get to do that this time, what the hell?! Why did you do that? YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!”

“Sorry Nat, I wanted to surprise you not scare you!”

Wait wait wait. Back up! I think you deserve to know who I am. I’m Natali Jane Horan and I live in Mullinger, Ireland. Well, I live here for another month. Then I’m moving in with my older brother Niall. Yes, Niall Horan. 1/5 of One Direction. Niall’s a year older than me and for some odd reason my mom is allowing him to take care of me. I’m a singer, but unlike Niall, I haven’t tried to make it big. I just don’t see the point in me trying, I mean Niall yeah, but me? I’m not ganna be good enough. Niall and I look basically identical except, you know, I’m a girl. No we’re not twins. I’m seventeen and Niall’s eighteen. So in one month I’ll be living with Niall and the rest of One Direction. Ok now back to my story!

“Damn. So why are you here?” I asked running a hand through my waist length blonde hair before pulling it up.

“Because, I am going to help you pack you’re things and I wanted to visit home so you’re my excuse to!” He said smiling.

“Oh that makes me feel special!” I said sarcastically and he chuckled. Then he looked to my hand.

“Skateboard?” He pointed to it.

“What? I didn’t put it up last night.”

“Do you still go skating with Thomas?” He asked as I tossed my board by the door and we walked into the kitchen. I flicked the light on and jumped on the counter.

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