Harry’s POV

Today was turning out to be a good day for me after all. I thought back to that fit girl I bumped into at the bookstore this morning and now I brought a smoking girl home from the club tonight. Unfortunetly for me, i wasn't able to get the bookstore girl's number, but my luck was starting to turn around and life was looking up for me as I tried to look at the girl walking next to me. I know what you’re thinking how can life be bad for a superstar boy band pop star? It’s a lot harder than you think to always be in the public eye and have everything you do in your life turn into a front page story. A majority of the time the stories aren’t true and they make me look like a crappy person. But I’m not that way at all. I am just a teenage boy in a band with his four best mates touring around the world trying to bring all of our fans the chance to meet their teen idols.

As we stumbled back to my flat from the club the girl and I occasionally tripped since we were both pretty hammered. We also stopped a couple of times to snog in the alleys we were walking through. 

This girl was definitely experienced with this sort of thing and that worked out great for me. Everybody that has ever been on the internet or watched the telly knows I am the flirt of the group and have had plenty of practice with how to handle women in these types of situations.

Once we finally reached my flat I unlocked the door and we walked inside. Thankfully Louis was spending the night at Eleanor’s and I wouldn’t see him again until I had to meet up with the lads in the studio in the afternoon. Louis was my best mate but it could get uncomfortable for me to go about my “business” with him in the room right down the hall.

We made it to my bedroom before we started to kiss again. I wound my arms around her waist and rested my hands slightly above her bum as she raked her hands through my curly locks. I absolutely love when girls do that to me; definitely a turn on for me. I started to rub my hands up and down her hips as she pulled me down onto my mattress. She locked her legs around my waist and arched her neck as I started to leave a trail of kisses from her jawbone done to her neck looking for her sweet spot. She took a sharp intake of breath and I knew I found it.

She stuck her hand under my shirt and ran her hands over my stomach and chest sending shivers down my back. I rolled her over so I was on the bottom and she started to tug at the bottom of my shirt signaling to me she wanted it to come off.

This action honestly took me by surprise. Most of the time I made the first move but this girl was a go-getter and knew what she wanted. I happily obliged and let her pull my t-shirt over my head as I started to unzip her dress. She kissed my lips softly and slowly as she slipped off her dress so all she was in was her lingerie.

Her black lacey strapless bra and her all lace panties felt smooth against my skin as she lowered herself down onto me again. We rolled over again so I was hovering over her and she started to unbutton my jeans as I ripped them off of my body and threw them onto the floor. I was so happy went to the club tonight. It made my night a hell of a lot more interesting then it normaly would have been.


I woke up in the morning to the sunlight streaming through the curtains and a warm body lying next to me. Last night was very pleasant. I thought as I started to stretch and make my way out of the bed to go use the bathroom. I looked at the clock and noticed it was around 12:30. I had to be at the studio by 2 o’clock so that left me with about an hour to get ready and eat before I had to take off for the day.

I jumped into the shower and started to clean my body and then my hair while I was humming a song  we were working on. I loved to take showers and let the steamy water roll off of my body. It was very soothing. After I turned off the water and dried off, I brushed my teeth and combed out my hair so it would dry in just the right way.

With the towel wrapped around my waist, I made my way back to my bedroom to go assess the situation of the girl lying in my bed. 

When I made way back, the girl was up out of my bed fully clothed with her shoes in her hand right about to walk out as I walked in. We bumped into each other and I fell down while she stumbled backwards still remaining on her feet though. She was a pretty girl with a sporty yet curvy build. Her blue eyes complimented her face and blonde hair. She helped me up while saying, “Thanks for last night it was fun. I enjoyed myself and maybe we could do it again sometime.”

She kissed my cheek and walked out of the door. I didn’t even know her name let alone her number so I couldn't even try to contact her. Just as I was thinking this though, I saw a slip of paper tucked underneath my bedside lamp in neat, girly writing with a name and number on it.

Paige. That’s a pretty name. I thought as I read the information on the slip. I would definitely call her whenever I was in need of some company. I wondered if she knew who I was. I never told her my name so maybe she didn’t know I was the world famous Harry Styles. I only saw her face clearly for those few seconds before she walked out of the door so maybe she never made the connection to me. I would find out later though when I texted her in a few days seeing if she would like to come over again. Until then it would be a mystery to me. Not that I minded. I liked mysterious girls who were hard to get.

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