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I peel open my eyes to a daunting whispering, I tense in fear and sit up. I gaze around my room until I found it. One corner of my room was strange, beams of light entangled in it. I pull myself to my feet and trudge over, enchanted by the strangeness.

I raise my hand and brush it over the lights, It pulls me forward and I retract my hand in pain. "What is this?" I say to myself and narrow my eyes. The light had changed, it was now larger, consuming more of my room.

I gulp in fear and back up until I was pressed against the far wall. I watch the light move closer. I didn't know what it was, I had never seen anything quite like it. It was terrifying, though I couldn't look away.

The light creeped closer and I turned my head to spot my door. It seemed so far away now that I was working on time, the light creeped closer to it. I braced myself, if I could make it to the door, I could make it out of here. I keep a steady faze on it and then run full speed.

I almost make it, I grab onto the doorknob and started to turn it when the light touched me, consuming my whole body, I black out.

I wake up to yet inside my room once again, I rub the sleep out of my eyes. I sighed and stood up. That was a crazy dream. I look around to see that I was sleeping by my door, "I must have sleepwalked," I mutter to myself.

I search every part of that room, I look everywhere for the light, it is nowhere to be found. I sigh in relief. It was fake, I am fine. I get changed and walk downstairs, something felt off. I should have noticed when I got changed, why didn't I notice?

I glance around my kitchen, the fridge was on the wrong side of the room, same with the table, the cupboards. That's when I realized.

Everything was backwards.

I look down at the words on my shirt only to see that they were backwards, they didn't make sense now. The whole room was wrong and it made me feel uneasy. I walk cautiously to the window and looked outside, it was my backyard. But it was wrong.

Shivers went down my spine, what had happened to me? Where am I? Why was I in a place that feels like home and not at the same time? I narrow my eyes, something was not right.

I hear footsteps in the spare room, I whip around and stare at the closed door, who is in my house? I hear more footsteps and things being moved around. I start to slowly walk towards the door, my fist clenched. Fear racking my body.

I twist the door knob, locked. Locked like always. I move closer to the door and raise my fist, I hesitantly knock on the door. The footsteps stop. It all goes silent. I hear the lock being unlocked and the doorknob slowly turns, what I saw on the other side was something I never thought I'd see again.

My best friend stood there, she looked as shocked as I did. "Molly?" I ask taking a step back. "You're not real," I state. She tilts her head in confusion, "How am I supposed to know you're real?" Molly retorts, confusion clear on her face.

"You died!" I sob out, hiding my face with my palms. "This is cruel!" I scream, "What sort of cruel joke is this!?" I drop to my knees. I hadn't seen Molly in years, I hadn't seen her since her casket had been lowered into the ground before me. "This is not real.." I mumble.

Molly steps closer, "I am real, I don't know how, but I am." I step back and shake my head, "This is so wrong, everything about this is so wrong." Molly's face saddens, she pouts her lips, "I know it's wrong, but it's real."

I shake my head, tears running down my cheeks. How is this real? It cant be. Molly steps forward and hugs me, I hesitantly hug back, it felt real. The hug felt so real. I shake my head in disbelief, "I missed you." Molly smiles, "I missed you too."

We seperate and I gaze at her, "What happened?" Molly shrugs, "I remember dying," she dips her head, "Then I was here." I frown, "This can't be the afterlife, can it?" Molly gasps and places a hand over her mouth, "It can't be, I didn't die."

I think back to when I was home, I was consumed by the strange lights, though I still felt alive. Suddenly I hear whispering at the corner of the room, I turn around to see the lights there once again. Molly pulls me back, "Don't, it's dangerous."

I frown at her, why was she holding me back? "Let go of me." I snarl and pull myself out of her grasp. She grabs me once more, "Why won't you let me go?" I ask her angerly.

This wasn't the Molly I know, it couldn't be. "I don't know who you are," I start, staring her in her eyes, "You're not Molly, you cant be." Molly shakes her head in denial. "What do you mean? I'm real right?" Molly looks at me in fear, "Am I?"

I shake my head and step back, "You can't be, it's too good to be true." I walk over to the lights and let them consume me once more. They try to pull me in, they pull at my soul.

Molly runs at me and drags me out, I glare at her. "You were so close," I start and Molly tilts her head, "You almost tricked me." I step away from molly, holding my hands out in front of me as to say, 'Stay back'.

Molly's face distorts and her voice changes to a harsh whisper, "You must stay," I gulp down the lump forming on my throat, "You cannot leave me," I back up, I've never been so right. This wasn't Molly. If so, it wasn't Molly anymore.

"What do you want?!" I yell at the Not-Molly. It steps closer, holding out a hand. "I want you," Not-Molly whispers, stepping closer. I back up into the whispy light and let them pull me in, "Let me go!" I yell as it resists.

Suddenly the light stops moving and somebody is thrown out, they land on top of me and make me fall over. "Oof," I grunt as I push them off of me. The women leaps to her feet and brushes the hair out of her eyes, "Hello! I'm The Doctor!" She greets, "You seem to be in trouble," I nod my head.

The Doctor whips around and scans Not-Molly, she narrows her eyes.

"Oh I've encountered this before! This is not your friend." She explains and I roll my eyes, "Duh, I just want out of here."

The Doctor narrows her eyes and turns to Not-Molly, "Hello!' She greets Not-Molly. Not-Molly hisses and raises her hand, "Not so friendly!" The Doctor yells as she is sent back into the light and disappears.

I watch as she goes, mouth agape. I turn back around to Not-Molly, "Please let me go," I beg, holding back the sob brewing in my throat. Not-Molly stares at me before raising her hand.

I close my eyes as she pushes me into the light. I wake up again in my bedroom, the light was gone.

I break down and hold my tear streaked face in my hands. I've wanted Molly back forever, and it wasn't her. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I flinch and move away. Looking up to see The Doctor. She smiles sadly and pulls me into a hug. I accept her hug and sob into her shoulder.

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