Taking Care of Styles

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Chapter 3(continued):

~~~~Harry's P.O.V.~~~~~

"I don't know, Liam. Louis an I are full at our flat."

" I have an extra room in my flat, she can stay there." Niall piped.

"Are you sure you don't want to save that for you lady friend?"

"Shut up, Louis."

I gave Niall a look. "It's nothing," he told me.

I raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

After a few more minutes of chatting with the boys, I logged off.


"Harry, wake up."

Lana's voice rang in my ears. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock. Seeing that it was five a.m. I jumped out of bed and ran to brush my teeth.

~~~~~~~Lana's P.O.V.~~~~~~~~

After I finished my orange juice, Harry came bounding down stares. He gave me warm a hug when he saw the tears running down my cheeks. Two days and the tears only stop when I fall asleep.

He grabbed a bottle of apple juice and ushered me out the door and into his big black Range Rover. He pulled on his usual hoodie and sunglasses.

We listened to the radio, anything but One Direction, on the way to the airport. At the stop a few guards brought us in. At our terminal we waited, and finally our flights was called.

"First class boarding for flight 34 to London is now open." the man at the desk announced.

Harry and I stood, collected our carryons, and headed for the gate.

There we boarded, both of us this time.

Once in our white leather seats, I couldn't help smiling for the first time in two days. I was going on tour with the five best guys in my world, and I knew that they would take good care of me.

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