this has to be a dream

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The doctor walked towards me With two little bundles in my his hand. He handed them both to me ... neither of them breathing i cried at the realization of what i assumed happened.

"One was strangled by the cord the other did not survive the operation" the doctor tried to explain to me.

 I screamed and woke up from the nightmare and Matt just jumped out of his chair and to my side, "What's wrong baby, are you okay?" He searched my eyes for any need to be concerned.

"Where are they? I need my babies where are they Matt!"i screamed and my voice kind of cracked from the tears forming in my eyes.

"Baby just lay down and chill" he said as i tried standing up to search for my babies. They had to be alright they were mine, this wasn't some sad TLC show this was my life!

A doctor walked in with concern on his face walked around and checked a couple of the machines, and than looked at my charts.

"Miss Bracer?", I nodded, "It says here on your charts that you lost alot of blood, you r normal doctor left for the night but you have been unconcious for three days now so i would suggest sitting down."

"i'll sit down when i can hold my babies." I hissed.

"oh you are the teenager who birthed twins" he looked at me rather annoyed, "Both your children are being taken care of by the hospitals nurses, the older one, the one that had the cord around his neck is on a breathing tube, he has a crushed windpipe and damaged lung from the lack of air when he was introduced, that will probobly introduce the child into having a strong case of asthma that is your little boy, " he searched my face for a response but i was just to stunned so he continued, " your little girl is in critical condition, she was born with a whole in her heart and when she was born we had to immediatley preform surgery, her body did not handle the surgery well so she is under twenty four seven survallence, other than that every thing is perfectly fine."

That made me lose it i burst into tears, i wanted my babies and after twenty minutes or so of cursing out the doctor he finally got the picture. A heavier set nurse came in with a wheel chair and i was placed in it they rolled me off to a room labeled 'newborn care'. my babies were not in the nursery they had to be in special care. I was wheeled into the room and saw my precious little Kaden in a clear box with a tube in his little mouth and tears of joy hit me when i saw his little chest rise and than fall. The nurse continued and wheeled me too Kylee she also had a tube in her throat but she also had a baby sized IV and a cloth looking bandage around her chest.

These couldn't be my babies, i took care of them, i did everyhting i could to keep them safe, these were my babies and even if i had to suffer my life i would do anything to keep them safe

Authors note: alright guys message me and tell me what you think should happen im a little stuck

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