Eaten Alive

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I was normal. I Hung out with my friends and family, I went to beach, I tanned. But most if my time was spent in the water. You couldn't ever keep me away from the ocean. I would swim, surf, body surf, snorkel, anything. The new jersey coast was the perfect place for me. Sharks didn't worry me. The odds of getting attacked by a shark are smaller then the odds of getting struck by lightning. My friends and I would even joke around saying things like "Some day one of us is going to be eaten by a shark." We'd respond with "over my dead body" or "Not if I'm still kickin'" We were still able to joke about one Of us getting attacked then. Before it actually happened.

It was a calm August morning on the Jersey coast. No one on the beach, no waves, hardly any wind. Peaceful. It was me, Lexi, Lana, and Jess. We set up out "camp" ( four chairs, umbrella, cooler, towels, stereo, and the occasional surfboard) and were talking (more like bitching) about how close school was, and how the summer was almost over, yet there were still so many tourists still around. It's funny how one minute something so inconsequential can seem like it means the world, and then then the next minute you realize how idiotic you sounded. Finally after 36 straight minutes of whining, I decided on going into the water. (As per usual).There were only a couple people on the beach and the life guards were off duty. I was the only one in the water. On my way in lexi and Lana screamed after me (at the same time) "watch out for sharks!" Jess, being the more serious one of the four of us, started talking about a recent shark siting not to far from our beach. I laughed to my self and brushed off their warnings and went in the water anyway.

I grabbed my surf board even though there were no waves. I wasn't planning on surfing, I honestly just wanted to relax in the ocean. I paddled about 15 yards away from shore, which, had everything gone smoothly, would've given me about 45 minutes of relaxation with the way the current was that day. Once I was in deep enough water, I quit paddling and lie down on my stomach it wasn't too long until I was almost asleep. This is what refer to as the calm before the storm.

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