Now What do we Have Here?

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We walked for about five more minuets until we came upon a little hut

“Looks like we aren’t the only ones who have lived on this island,” Luke claimed.

“I know, I wonder if they are still here somewhere. Or even in the hut!” I said.

We walked up to the hut and opened the door a tiny bit.

“Hello?” we both called. No answer.

“I guess we are alone,” I said, personally wishing we could get help from someone else.

“Well, at least we get to use the hut,” Luke said happily. "Now we don't have to stay outside with the possibility of getting attacked by animals."

We started to walk around. The place was nice, and looked pretty clean. The only problem was there was only one bed, but there was a couch. We decided to stay for a while, and hoped nobody would come and put up a fit. I would sleep on the bed, and Luke would sleep on the couch. Every once in a while, we would switch.

   The first day in the hut was a little weird. We were still worried someone would come in and get mad at us for breaking in, but nobody ever came. For most of the day, Luke and I just stayed outside trying to get something for dinner, and something else for breakfast the next day. I went off to look for water while Luke looked for food. We found a bucket in the room with the couch, (we called it the living room), so I brought that with me. I was walking barefoot when I noticed that the ground felt wet. When I looked down, there was moss everywhere. I remember learning in girl-scouts from when i was younger, that if there is moss, that means there has to be water near by. If the moss is growing on the ground, there is probably water underground. I started to dig, and after about 10 minutes of digging, the hole started to fill up with fresh water! I tried to fill the bucket, but there was a hole in the bottom of it.

"I guess I will have to come home empty haded then." I said sadly to myself.

   When I got back to the hut, Luke had another 2 baby pigs, one was turning on a fire out back.

"Dang Luke, how did you get those?" I asked excitedly.

"They are all around! I'm going to get another tomorrow." he said, very proud. "Did you find any water?"

"I did find some, but-" I started, but Luke interrupted me.

"Great! I'm so thirsty. I need some of that water fast."

"I'm didn't bring any back. There was a hole in the bottom of the bucket, so I couldn't carry the water back. I'm really sorry. I thought we could just go to the water hole tomorrow." I said, but Luke didn't look happy.

"You didn't get any water?! What if we get dehydrated? HOW WILL WE GET TO THE WATER HOLE THEN?" he started to yell.

"I'm really sorry, I'll go get you water tomorrow, first thing in the morning." I replied as I slowly inched backwards.

"I'm sorry Lindsey, I didn't mean to yell at you. I think I'm just going crazy from the lack of food."

"It's okay, I understand. We got dinner tonight, so we will make it." I reply calmly.

The next day, we were more outgoing, because we were pretty sure nobody was coming back to the hut. We started laying around, resting. Not having to worry about anything. But we were starting to stink for the lack of showers.

On the fifth day of being in the hut, Luke came to a realization.

"We need to find a way out of here. I need to shower. We should at least go back to the water."

"I know.  We haven't really looked around this hut yet. I'll go see if I can find anything use full for the trip back." I replied as I started into the kitchen.

I looked in all the cupboards, drawers, on all the shelves, and under the bed and couch. In the last drawer I looked in, I found twenty flares and two flare guns.



Hi guys! I'm sorry I haven't updated In a long time. I have been so busy lately. I'm really trying to update more often, but it's hard. I really hope you like the story, and remember to please vote and comment! Love you all. <3

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