About a month later, it was time for the X-Factor Final! I was excited, but nervous. It was down to the boys (who, under Harry’s suggestion, had decided to call themselves ‘One Direction’), and two single acts.

“The first finalist is…Matt Cardle!” announced the host.

The five of us girls were in my living room watching it live on TV, just like we did every week as the boys performed.

The looks on the boys’ faces were extremely nervous. The girls and I squeezed each other’s hands tightly.

“And the second finalist is…Rebecca Ferguson!”

The boys’ faces fell as the crowd erupted into cheers. My hands weakened and I stared in disbelief at the television. They had come so far, only to come in third place!

“So boys, what will you do now?” the host asked them.

“We’re going to stick together. This isn’t the last of One Direction.” Zayn spoke into the microphone.

“I agree with Zayn. This is just the beginning for these boys,” said Simon Cowell, their mentor and one of the judges.

The boys exchanged hopeful and confused glances.

“I want to sign these boys to my record label,” Simon announced.

The girls and I looked at each other and screamed.

“What?! This is flacking great!” I yelled.

“I know! I’m so proud of them!” Harper shouted.

On the screen, the boys were jumping around and hugging each other and Simon.

So this was just the beginning of their career after all.

A few days later, the boys finally came home. We celebrated by throwing them a surprise party at Lexi’s house.

“Aw! You guys are so sweet!” Niall exclaimed in his cute Irish accent.

“Aw, thanks!” Harper blushed.

“It’s the least we could do,” Sophie added.

“Jimi, could you come with me for a minute? I want to ask you something,” Louis asked, looking nervous.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Jimi replied, confused.

The rest of us exchanged confused glances as well. What was Lou doing?

A couple minutes later, Jimi and Louis came back into the living room, both beaming and blushing.

“What’s up with you two?” Zayn asked, holding back laughter.

“Well, Jimi here has done me the honor of being my girlfriend,” Louis answered with a huge grin on his face.

“OH MY GOD!” the rest of us screamed together, “Congrats, guys!”

“Lou, I didn’t know you liked Jimi!” I said, in shock still.

“Really? I’ve liked her for a couple years now,” Louis smiled, his arm around Jimi’s waist.

“I’ve liked you for a while now too, Louis,” Jimi smiled back up at him.

“Aw, you guys are adorable,” said Liam, “and since we’re talking about dating, I have something I’ve been wanting to ask. Sophie, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Oh gosh, Liam! Of course I will!” Sophie exclaimed, running into his waiting arms.

“All of you guys are so flacking cute!” giggled Lexi.

“I agree!” I put in.

“Harry, why are you so quiet?” asked Louis.

“Huh? Oh, erm, nothing. I was just thinking about something.”

“What was it?” asked Niall.

“Nothing…I mean, nevermind. I’ll tell you boys later.” Harry looked at the ground.

“Well, okay then…” Niall said.

“Well boys, I think we’d better get going now. Say good-bye to your lovely new girlfriends,” Zayn winked at Louis and Liam.

We all hugged each other and congratulated the boys once again on their success.

It had turned out to be a great night. Two girls had boyfriends now, three to go…

Lexi didn’t have to wait long at all to get her boyfriend. Zayn asked her out the very next day as they were walking to school together!

I found it ironic that Harper and I, the ones who had had crushes the longest, were still single. Funny how life works…

*End of chapter 3! Thanks again for reading guys!(: xx

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