"oh look Saylar.. the drug dealers came..." Maryjane and the gang is what the called them they were beautiful , popular, and they supplied all the party's with drugs and alcohol. MaryJane sold weed, Crystal sold meth, and Carouse sold alcohol.

They were pressed up dancing aganist three hot Taylor laughter look alike's that any teenager would kill for. The house was shaking to the song by the Cataracts "Top of the world" "hey Saylar" Vallory came over with two plastic red solo cups in her skin tight super short red dress with red high heels and gold hoops her hair was in long beautiful curls and Saylar felt totally out of place she was wearing a black cocktail dress with black flats and also gold hoops her hair was the same as Vallory's but she felt it looked better on her for some reason which made her feel so insecure about seeing josh

"i brought you a drink" Saylar took it out of her well manicured hands "apple juice" Vallory smiled "oh" Saylar smiled Saylar took her hand out even thought she barley ever even drank coffee she took a sip then Nicki Manaj's "Pound the alarm" came blasting through the house Vallory grabbed the nearest should be Hollister model and started to grind  Saylar finished off her drink and got two more for her and josh.she took a sip of hers and started to look for josh

. It felt like two hours went by and still no sign of josh. Then she realised she finished off hers and joshes drink and started to feel weird she didn't care she had to find josh she grabbed two more red plastic filled cups and started off she took a sip of hers just then Ciara's "1,2 Step" shook the house and before she knew it her drink was gone well the thought josh wont care if i have a sip of his and then she looked in the cup and the drink was gone and before she could blink she blacked out. 

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