Chapter Sixteen - "what had i just done.."

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she repeated herself, smashing her lips against mine.  she pulled me over towards the bed, climbing on top of it and bringing me close to her, i was hovering over her body, kissing her soft lips, her neck and chest

"okay....stop....we need to.....stop" she said breathlessly

i rolled over onto my back, we were both breathing heavily

"we can't do that anymore" she said, taking deep breaths

"i'll miss it" i said, looking at the ceiling

"me too" Valerie said, sitting up and lifting her tank top up over her head and pulling it off,, throwing it beside my shirt

"what are you doing?" i asked

"you can see the bump, Niall" she said looking at me and then laying back down

i sat up, looking into her eyes and then at her belly, you could see the small bump forming.

"i'm sorry" i said, gently placing my hand on her stomach

"for what" she asked curiously

"for doing this to you, i didn't mean for this to happen" i said looking into her eyes apologetically

"Niall please don't apologize, it's not your fault. we didn't think of it at the time, it happens to millions of people our age. it's okay" Valerie sitting up, placing a hand on my leg

"i'll always feel bad" i said, pressing my lips against her forehead lightly

Valerie took her hand off my leg and played with the ends of my hair, i looked into her eyes staring deeply, she looked back into mine and smiled, she stopped playing with my hair and held her hands at the back of my neck

"what?" i said, gazing into her deep perfect blue eyes

"i just..i really love you" she said quietly

"not more than i do" i said, laying down and pulling her down beside me, i held her in my arms and we just layed there not doing anything.

~Valerie's P.O.V~

i felt tired suddenly, but i didn't want to sleep. i wanted to enjoy the moment, being cuddled in Nialls arms, until i felt a sudden chill

"i'm cold" i said. trying to snuggle into him closer

"here let me get you your shirt back on" Niall said, jumping up and walking to our shirts, he picked up my tank top and carried it over to me

"sit up" he said

i listened to him, sitting up

he put the shirt on my carefully, and then climbed under the blankets, waiting for me to join him. i crawled over beside him and went under the blankets, i looked at him innocently and then covered my head with the blankets

"where'd you go?" he asked, laughing a little

"right here!" i said, climbing onto his stomach and sitting down, he flipped the blankets over my head so he could see me. he bent his knees up a little and moved closer to my belly

"bye bye miss american pie, drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry and good ol' boys were drinkin' wisky and rye singin' this'll be the day that i die..." he started singing softly into my belly

i looked at Niall adoringly and felt a tear drop from my eye. he finished the little bit of song with 

"the day, the music died."

Niall looked up letting a smile appear on his face

"why are you crying Val?" he asked quietly

"my dad used to sing me that when i was a little kid" i said, letting a few more tears fall from my eyes, i wrapped my arms around him and held my body close to his, he rubbed my back gently

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