A Normal day in Sea-gem

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Axel walked along the streets of his town; Sea-gem;Sea-gem was a small island, in which received its name from the miraculous waters that surrounded it. An island with a population of just below three hundred people, was a perfect place for a sixteen year old boy with very few social skills to live.

Many people had never seen the island before, and simply stated that it was an island for the 'hippies' of the world; surfers, inventors, artists, and musicians. Which many people who lived on the island of Sea-gem believed was an understatement.

Axel peaked his head through his mother and father's store, in which he worked at throughout the summer for a few extra dollars. His mother was placing t-shirts, and bracelets in their correct display cases, as his father was in the back furiously typing banking statements. Axel smiled at the sight, as he walked towards his place at the cash register. The store had just opened, and a few people had begun to arrive. Axel's family store was one of the only clothing retail stores on the island, along with 'Gertrude's tie-dye emporium' and 'the surf shack.'

Axel sat on his stool behind the counter, waiting for the customers to purchase their items. He noticed a few of them, one man in particular being his grandfather, and another being his best friend; Max. Axel waved, as he noticed his grandfather had seen him. "Axel, my boy!" His grandfather bellowed, causing the few people in the store to turn and stare. "Grandpa." Axel scolded, being slightly embarrassed. "Oh Axel," his grandfather started, "there's nothing to be embarrassed about." He stated, holding up his hands, trying to be cool. Axel laughed as Max approached the two of them.

"Morning Mr.Brighton." Max said, gesturing toward Axel's grandfather. "Maxwell, how many times have I asked you to please call me Bob?" Max sighed, as he hated it when people used his full name. "And how many times have I asked you not to call me, Maxwell?" Max retorted, turning towards Axel.

"What time is your shift over?" Max asked, as Axel turned toward his mother with pleading eyes. His mother nodded, allowing him to leave early. However, Axel knew he would have to work twice as hard tomorrow. "Now." Axel said excitedly, as he patted his grandfather on the back. "Bye grandpa!" Axel called, as he and his friend exited the store quickly.

Axel and Max kicked rocks along the street, as they made their way down to the shore like they did every morning. "We have almost a month, until school starts again. What are we going to do? " Max asked, bored with their usual routine.

"I don't know. Work at the store?" Axel suggested, as he knew Max had asked for this week off so he could enjoy his summer vacation.

"I already do that." Max stated, rushing away from his friend as they approached the shore. Axel followed closely behind, excited to see what the water had washed onto shore last night. "The waves are killer today!" Max shouted, as he stared at the many people sitting on their surfboards waiting for the next wave to roll in.

Axel sighed, as this town had not very much to offer. However, he knew one day, that this town would be good for something.

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