(a/n: I WANNA SAY THAT ONE DIRECTION AREN'T FAMOUSE IN THIS. THEY ARE STILL HOT BUT NOT FAMOUS!)What would you do if one day you are the biggest geek in school to a hot werewolf. That's what happened to me, Nikki Jones. The popular people used to bully me. The one I hated the most was Harry Styles. I always had a little crush on him. The only nice people who don't tease me are Liam Payne, Danielle Peazer, and Amber Scott. They weren't my friends but they did stick up for. But one day that all changed thanks to Drake Ryans. He's the alpha of the pack. He scratched me when I was jogging in the woods. I know I know. Nikki why were you in the woods? It's nice there. No parents, no bullies, no one. The day after I got turned I felt diffferent. In a good way. Now Harry Styles probably wishes he was noce to me, along with his little friends. THEY SHOULD!

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