*Nicoles POV*

The rest of the week went by fast & it was FINALLY Saturday. Carlos asked to come so of course I said yes. I took a nice warm shower & changed into black Short shorts & an Austin Mahone T-shirt. I bought a puka necklace & bracelets from his website before for this day. Im sooo excited but also really nervous. Carlos was gonna pick me up & take me. When I went downstairs my mom was already talking to Carlos & they seemed happy. It made me happy too but maybe a little bit jealous. I don't even know my feelings towards Carlos. I cleared my throat so they would know I was there. They turned to look at me & Carlos got up & asked if I was ready. I said yes. & my mom handed me a pop tart since I don't have time to eat breakfast. The Meet & Greet/Performance is in an hour. & the place where he was at was 45 minutes away. We were running a little late. Hopefully there was no traffic. I didn't want Austin to think I stood him up or something. He really wanted to see me.

*Carlos POV*

Nicole seemed Really nervous.

"Nicole why are you so nervous? He's just a kid"

"NO! He's not just a kid. Do you not know who he is? Its Austin Carter Mahone. The one & only Austin. "

"Gees!Well sorry."

Wow its gonna be really hard to fight for her. She's INSANELY in love with this kid. What does he have that I don't? Seriously? Except that's he is her age but that doesn't matter. I would pretend to get lost so we wouldn't make it but she'd hate me forever. So that's out. I guess I'll have to take her. Wish me luck.

We finally arrived at the place early because there was no traffic. Nicole literally ran out of the car & left me standing there. I quickly closed the car doors & ran right after her. Dang! She may be a little lazy but she sure can run fast. She was already in line to meet Austin. The kid I'm competing with. She will fall for me not him.

*Nicoles POV*

When we arrived at the place I jumped out the car without closing the door & ran to the line. I was so excited. I was running so fast. Carlos finally catched up & stood next to me.

"Dang girl. You run fast. I didn't know that."

"theres a lot of things you dont know about me."

"Like what?"

"Nothing. Never mind."

I couldn't tell him anything yet. I don't even know him that well to tell him more about me.

There was final.y only 1 person in front of me until it was my turn. I was the last one on line .

"Carlos I'm scared."


"What if I freak out & he thinks I'm weird & doesn't want to talk to me anymore?"

*Carlos' POV*

"That be great" I mumbled

"What?" Nicole asked

"I said I'm sure he would still talk to you."

Nicole finally got called up to go inside the room Austin was in. This is it I thought.

We walked in & he turned & smiled at Nicole looking at her right in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Looks like I have work to do. He's not falling for her. Trust me." I said in my mind.

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