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i walked thorugh the door and immediatly dropped my bags on the floor.i heard gasps from behind me,and my hand flew to my mouth.

the house was ruined! completly wrecked i swear that it looked like a tornado came through here.

there were pillows tossed on the floor and on the stairs.a table knocked over,pictures of the wall papers lying al over the floor.

i cautisouly took a step forward, stepping over a picture i looked down the hall as lauren pushed past the girls and stood next to me.

" molly put that down right now i mean it!" i heard cooper yell.hearing a lud thud i walked to the kitchen where.

cooper,jerry,and matt and martin were standing there looking behind the island.

i saw mollys brown hair from behind the island.

i stood on my tip toes and saw she had a half empty pitcher of lemonade in one hand and a little cake in the other.

i saw martin take a hesitant step towards her.

she was walking away from him slowely.

"everyone stop right now!" i yelled.

everyone looked at me and i saw mollys head poke out from behind that island.her green eyes shinning.

"molly put that down on the floor now and come over here." i told her looking at the guys.

she set it down on the floor and ran over to me.

i picked her up  and looked at her.

"molly what were you doing?" i asked her frowning.

"noshing" she said. i just realized that she was missing her two front teeth it made me laugh becuse she had a lisp now.

"oh really because i dont nothing had the boys going crazy,or nothing had the house ruined."

she hid her face on my shoulder.

i looked at the boys and shook my head,

"well guess what you get to do. you guys get to clean this mess up and molly sweetie you get to help."

the guys started to complain.

"if you guys wouldnt have let her run wild then you wouldnt have to cleanup the mess." i told them smirking.

"we didnt exactly let her run wild she just had like alot of sugar and we couldnt contain the little buger" matt said.

i set her down on the floor." get cleaning." i said walking from the room.

"okay girls the boys that i did find are going to clean this mess,and molly is going to help,yall go and do whatever but do not under any circumstances help them clean this." i said pointing at the floor,

"was eli in there?" malory asked

"no allen nor Mark were." i said

i walked up the stairs and went to malorys door.

pushing it open i saw mark and allen asleep on the bed with a very cute little eli who was playing with allens hand.

malory peeked in and smiled.she walked over and grabbed eli from between them.

"malory baby i love you but if you move him and wake him up i will hurt you.' mark said still asleep.

"to bad he was already awake."

i laghed as he jumped up and looked over.

he grimaced.'dude this is just weird like seriously it is." he said looking at Allen.

i nodded and walked over i stepped up on the end of the bed and started to jump.

"allen get up sunshine!" i said while jumping.

"come on wake up! ALLEN! sleeping beauty!' i got out.

my feet were pulled out from under me and i landed with an oph as he wrapped me in his arms and pulled me close.

god did he look hot while he was sleeping.

"you know babe your not a very good wake up person." he said snuggling his head up to my neck.

"well jus tne lucky you didnt wake up to mark!' i said laughing.

"mark?:" he asked opening his eyes

i nodded." the baby was sleeping in between the two of you and it was too cute." i said giving him a giant smile.

he grimmaced and shook his head.

he looked at me and leaned in.

i pressed my lips to his and heard the door shut,

were wer making out when things were gettin pretty heavy.i reatched down to the hem of his shirt and  pulled it over his head.

tossing it on the floor i pressed up against him and he groaned.

he pulled my shirt off and set it on the floor.

he moved his lips away from my mouth and pressed them to my collar bone.

i inhaled sharpley as kissed me.

his hand travled down to my pants and i felt the button come undone.

i inhaled again as i felt his teeth against my skin.

i should have stopped him there but i didnt,i fetl him bite down and a burning go through my body.

it didnt hurt it felt great!


i sat up with the balnket around me and ssaw that allen was looking up at the ceiling.

i got up and grabbed my close off the floor and walked to the bathroom.

i shut the door behind me and locked it.

walking over the mirror  i looked and saw the mark.

oh crap!!! we mated completly!

i started to panic as i staired at the mark.

it was a swirl that connected to a heart.

i quickly got dressed and ran from the room.

leaving a confused Allen behind me.

i ran down the stairs and seen that in fact they had cleaned the mess like told them to.

i ran into the kitchen and grabbed gwens and malorys hand and pulled them onto the patio.

"what in the-" malory started to say.

she looked at my neck and her eyes got wide.

"your marked!" she yelled.

"i know that!" i yelled back.

"and i dont fucking want it!" i screamed as gwens hands flew to her mouth.

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