Chapter 17: Ferris Wheels and movie nights

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I looked over to Mat silently asking if I should answer Ben’s call. He shook his head and I pressed ignore. Sighing I snuggled farther into Riker. Everyone just smirked at us and Riker shot them a death glare. If looks could kill, let’s just say they’d be very dead.

“So guys we’re going out. Are you coming?” Rydel asked smiling.

“Where are we going?” I asked skeptically.

“Well, we were planning on going to the fun fair at the beach.” Ross said and I instantly brightened.

“Ok, I don’t know about Riker but I’m going.” I said smiling. He chuckled and tightened his grip on my waist.

“Yeah, I’ll go.” He said still chuckling.

“I’m ganna go change.” I said kissing Riker’s cheek and dragging Rydel upstairs. She flopped down on my bed and I walked into my closet. “So what happened with you and my brother?” She asked me smirking. I stepped out of my closet dressed in a knee length flowy white dress. I had a brown belt around my waist. “Well, we were kissing and then Ben showed up. Also, I could be asking you the same question.” I said winking. I slid on my white wedges and grabbed my bag. Rydel was wearing a pink dress the same length as mine and pink flip flops. She blushed at my comment about she and Mat and I laughed. I grabbed my phone and put it in my bag swinging it over my shoulder. “Ready?” I asked not embarrassing her farther. She smiled and rose from my bed grabbing her bag. We linked arms and walked down the stairs to find the boys waiting for us. They all went silent when they saw us and Riker smiled at me. He came over and hugged me. “You look beautiful.” He whispered to me. I blushed and smiled. Mat went over and kissed Rydel’s cheek resulting in a round of ‘awh’s from Ratliff and I. Matt blushed and we all started walking out of the house. “Mat?” I said as he and I were at the back of the group. “Yeah?” He said. “Don’t hurt her.” I said referring to Rydel. “Make sure you don’t break her heart. She really likes you and I know you feel the same way. Mat I know these last few months have been really hard for you. But we’ve both finally found something amazing. We’ve found where we belong here, we belong with them. Our friends. Don’t let yourself get hurt and don’t hurt her. I can’t see you lose someone else.” I said to my brother trying not to cry. “I know Kat. This is where we belong. I wont let us lose anyone else.” He said hugging me. We pulled apart and I walked up to Ratliff leaving Mat behind and I was a little more skeptical when Riker walked over to him but I let it go.

Mat’s POV

“Hey Mat.” Riker said walking over to me.


“Listen about everything that happened. I never intended for all of that to happen. But I really like Kat and I hope she feels the same way.” He said looking nervous.

“Riker, I like you. Honestly you’re probably the most decent guy Kat’s ever had feelings for. She does like you, just….just don’t hurt her. She’s been hurt way too much and Ben was just adding to her stress. Kat has a lot of problems that no one knows about and some of them…they’re really bad. She’s ganna need you because I decided that she can’t keep living with them. So just, if you really care about her, please don’t hurt her.” I said trying not to tell him straight out all of Kat’s secrets.

“What do you mean problems?”

“It’s not my place to tell you, it’s her’s and she’ll tell you when she’s ready. Just be there for her. She needs you.”

“I have no intention of leaving her. I really care about Kat. I would never even think of hurting her.” I smiled at this. “But you better not hurt Rydel either.”

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