Harry's POV: She is driving me completely bonkers! I sit in the limo, arms crossed with a disgusted look on my face as I watch Niall & Grace flirt back and forth.

I don't understand how I am suppose to sing a love duet with HER. My feelings for her are the exact opposite of love. I will admit, we had a past. We-

"hey, Haz! What film do we want to see?" Louis questions. I'm glad he interrupted me thoughts, I don't want to think about Grace.

"hmmm. How about The Campaign, Boobear?!" I shout.

"that'll be a perfect film, looks funny too." Louis replies.

Lou turns and starts talking to Liam. The limo is filled with laughter. Boobear has some crazy, funny stories.

The limo comes to a halt,"we are here, boys and miss Summers."

Grace's POV

"thank you!" I say as I step out of the limousine. We are at a small theatre.

A double decker bus drives by, instantly I hear teenage girls' screams erupt. I find myself being guided into the theatre by Niall who gently rest his hand on my hips.

I smile, not only am I pissing Harry off, but I actually like Niall. He's really funny, sweet and we have the same appetite.

Niall and I get just about all the food from the snack bar. Niall sits next to me, Liam is on my other side. Next to Liam is Zayn then Louis then, of course, Harry. I'm glad he sat at the end, I want to keep a good distance between us.

The lights dim and the movie starts. It's funny at some parts but mostly stupid and pervert-like. Of course Harry found the movie hilarious, I know this because all I hear is him & Louis laughing their butts off. Occasionally Niall, Liam and I laugh but not too much.

At some point in the movie Niall put his arm around me. I smile when I look at his muscular arm wrapped around me. He sees me and starts to remove it from around me.

"no," I say grabbing his hand,"I like it." He smiles and re-wraps his arm around me.

I can just imagine Harry's face right now, his lips pressed hard against each other, arms crossed and eyes rolling. Typical Harry Styles, can't face that he is the only person in my life that has hated me!

My eyes flicker up to see what Niall is doing. He has been watching me, me being deep in my own thoughts. Our eyes meet, I don't know who started leaning in first but our lips are less than an inch away.

I hear a clearing of a throat and I turn my head, it's Harry. "Nialler, can I talk to you?" he asks. Niall nods and walks away with Harry.

Louis jumps on me right as Niall and Harry go out of sight.

"what happened with you and Harry that made you two hate each other so much?" he questions. He hasn't told him? I thought guys told each other everything especially because even I know that Louis and Harry are best friends.

"he hasn't told you?" I ask confused. He shakes his head. Liam and Zayns attention is now towards me, they deserve to know but I haven't told anyone EVER what happened.

I bite my lip,"okay. We were in eighth grade, we decided hating each other took too much energy and that we should start fresh in high school. Freshmen year comes and goes but during that year Harry and I got very close. Best friends, even. And then in sophomore year Harry started liking this snooty girl Jessica. They started dating and Harry completely ditched me. It hurt for a couple days, but then I started hanging out with my friends Danielle and Annabelle. Then when Harry and Jessica broke up, Harry came crawling back to me his ex-best friend. I denied him because I hated him again. He started hating me because I wouldn't let him back in."

All three of the boys nod their heads. The corners of my lips curl up when I see Niall walk back in. He looks angry. I hop out of my seat and walk up to him,"hi Niall." I say.

"hey.." he says as he walks past me. My smiles fades. I don't ask questions I just go straight to Harry who is at the end of the aisle with an evil smirk on his face.

"what did you tell him?" I ask angrily.

His smile grows bigger.

"I don't know what you're talking about Gracie." he replies.

I grab his shirt and drag him to the hallway of the theatre.

"what did you tell him!?" I exclaim.

He laughs,"oh you know. I told him you were just using him to piss me off."

"Harry!!! You ass!" I yell. I slam my body against the wall.

"not like you fancied him or anything." he replies. I flash him a dirty look. "you fancy Niall, Gracie!"

I don't deny it because I guess I do.

"and it was going completely fine until you had to ruin it for Niall and I!" I yell.

I don't give him a chance to say anything back, I just stomp back out into the limo. I can tell Niall that Harry was lieing but, in a way, what Harry said was true. I guess at first it was to piss him off but now I fancy Niall.

"you're back awfully early, Mrs. Summers." the driver says.

"oh yes. The boys are in the loo." I respond. The driver nods and closes the window that separates me from him. What am I going to do now?

Harry slides in next to me in the limo. He's torturing me, he knows what he did made me upset. My eyes begin to water slightly. He looks at me confused.

"are you okay, Gracie?" he asks.

"like you care!" I respond. A tear rolls down my cheek. Why am I crying? Oh yeah, because Harry is a jerk who has absolutely no concern about my feelings at all.

"I do c-" I shoot a confused look at him. "I don't care." he finishes. Was Harry going to say he cared? But he doesn't, or else he wouldn't let me be sitting here crying. It's a fact, Harry Styles hates me and doesn't care about my feelings one bit.

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