Chapter 2: Adapting

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Chapter 2: Adapting 

I woke up in Damon's bed, smiling. It was 8 a.m., quite early for a weekend. Anyway, I was up! I reached out for Damon only to feel the empty comforter. I sat up, worried, "Damon! Damon, where are you?!" I panicked. He wasn't here...where did he go? 

"Elena, relax! Miss me already?" Damon smiled and sat down next to me.

I wrapped him in a tight hug, "Damon, you scared the crap out of me! I thought something had happened to you..." 

"Hey, it's okay. I was just making breakfast for us," he said a matter-of-factly. 

"Oh, that's sweet!" I had calmed down now, "What'd you make?"

"Oh, just some bagels and eggs with a bit of... uh... juice," he winked.

I laughed, "Thanks, Damon."

"So I was wondering, are we going to have a repeat of yesterday, tonight?" he smiled. 

I hit him with a pillow, "Damon!"

He pouted, "Oh...I guess that's a 'no', then."

"I didn't say 'no'..." I teased. 

He leaned towards me and kissed me, "Come down for breakfast soon, ok? We need to talk about a few things as well." He had a more serious expression on his face now.

"Talk? Oh boy...I'm guessing we're going back to reality now," I sighed.

"Yup, that's right! Back to life, back to reality. Back to life!" Damon started singing the popular oldie.

I laughed. He always knew how to cheer me up. Still, I wondered what was so important. Did it have anything to do with Klaus? Matt? Oh god...Matt...I totally forgot! I needed to call him to see how everything was. Oh boy...everyone must be concerned, and here I was, making out with Damon Salvatore! Maybe that's what Damon wanted to talk to me about. I got dressed and ran downstairs and almost knocked Damon over.

"Whoa there, hold your horses! What's up, Elena?" Damon stopped me at the bottom of the stairs.

"Damon, I haven't told anyone where I am! I didn't even check on Matt or Caroline...she must be really upset about Tyler! What kind of friend am I? And --" 

"Elena, calm down. I've told everyon that you're with me, and I was just about to tell you that Matt's all right and that we're going over to see him today. Caroline will be there, so you can talk to both of them."

"Oh...good. Is Caroline okay? What about Bonnie...she probably hates me."

"Caroline's having a tough time. Bonnie doesn't hate you, Elena. She's in shock, but she'll get over it. Just like she did with Caroline," Damon reassured me. 

"We should go see them now! Come on, let's go," I said, grabbing Damon's hand.

"Hey, what about my delicious breakfast?" Damon faked disappointment. Still, I felt bad for forgetting about that.

"Oh my god...Damon, I'm so sorry! OK, let's eat first!" I hurried into the kitchen and took a seat. I ate the bagel quickly and we both gulped the 'juice' down fast. 

"Want some more?" Damon asked.

I nodded shyly and drank from Damon's glass after he handed me more. 

"I think I'm actually getting used to this," I said.

Damon clapped, "I'm just glad you weren't stubborn and that you completed the transition." 

After that, Damon drove me to Matt's house. I ran to the door and hit the doorbell. Caroline answered in less than thirty seconds.

"Caroline! Are you okay, Care? I'm so sorry about Tyler. Tell me you're alright though," I said concernedly. 

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