Chapter 4- Doors

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“Umm… guys I’m going to-“I looked from Rian to Zack, neither one acknowledge my presence. I spit out something random hoping to test my theory. “I like girls.” Nothing. Great. I got up quietly and walked slowly backwards towards the bunk room. I put my ear up to the door and listen.

“Jack, I had to she was not coming otherwise!” Alex sounded frustrated; I pressed my ear closer hoping to hear a response from Jack.

“But why did you have to kiss her?”

“God, Jack, you know I don’t like her that way, I’ve known her since she had gross braces and glasses, since she was a flat-chested nothing” Ouch, Gaskarth. “She may have filled out, got her eyes corrected and teeth straightened but she’s stilled that girl I met 5 years ago.”

“Well she’s not that way to me and seeing you kiss her-“

“Jack, you like her, I get it. I also know you’ve liked her since you met her. I’m your best friend I know these things but dude, get over it. You know I wasn’t doing anything to hurt you-“Jack whats me? What the hell? I pressed my ear harder to the door and leaned right up against the door.

“And that John comment, what the hell was with that?”

“Jack, chill. Dude they are friends, trust me. She tells me everything, she’s pretty much my little sister dude. She doesn’t like him that way. God, if you are so scared of her hooking up with other guys why don’t you just tell her you like her?” I could hear a sigh from one of the boys. There was a long pause and then I heard a softer voice.

“I don’t like her Alex.” Umm… ouch?

“Then what Jack? Do you think you love her or something?” As aggravated as Alex sounded there was some understanding in his voice. Before I could hear the reply I heard someone behind me, someone fairly loud.

“Hey Aly, what you doing?” Zack Merrick. Perfect timing asshole. He just smiled innocently and then winked. I gasped and pointed at him.

“You asshole!” I said a little to loudly and then the door opened and I was on the floor looking up at 2 amused faces and one mortified Jack. “Umm… I was looking for the bathroom?”

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