Imagine: Harry Styles 2

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Imagine you and Harry have been married for 5 months. Last Month it was your birthday and Harry surprised you with a romance night. Then that lead to..... well you think about that. Your started to get worried because your late for period by 2 weeks, and you've been having morning sickness for the past 3 days. "Harry!!!!! I'm going to the drug store, need anything!!!" you screamed. "Nope!!" he screamed back. You got into your bmw x6 and drove to your local Walgreens. As soon as you get there you make your way to the feminine needs section. It felt like for ever but you finally found the pregnancy tests. There were so many, so you bought 3 kinds. You rushed to the cashier and started paying for it. You were about to leave when the cashier lady said,"Are you expecting a child?" "Sorta." you replied. Her face looked confused when you said that, but you just decided to walk away and say thank you. While you were driving home you thought for a minute. Do I really want a baby? Am i ready to be a mom? What would Harry think? Would he happy? You finally came to a conclusion, you were ready for a baby and to be a mom, and hopefully Harry would be too. You finally arrived at your house. You were hoping Harry wasn't in the living room, Because 1: you have to go through the living room to go to the bathroom. 2: He can't the tests. You open the door and just your luck, he was watching TV in the living room. You thought you could sneak to the restroom but you failed, miserably. "So what did you get at the drug store?" he asked. "Oh nothing." you responded back. Before he could say anything, you run to the restroom and lock the door. After spending 10 minutes peeing on 3 sticks you set them on the sink and wait. You hear a knock the door. After 3 knocks you open it a bit. "Yes?" you say so innocently. "What's going on?" he says in a stern voice. As your about to answer you look at his face and it is studying something. You turn to see what he is looking at, and you gasp. While you were having her conversation with Harry, the tests finally finished finish processing my pee. You grap the test it says... positive. You grab the second one it as says positive, you grab the third one... it says the same thing. You look up at Harry and say, "Harry.... I'm pregnant." He face was studded, you could tell he was processing all of this. Then the biggest smile spread across his face. He picks you up and spins you around kissing you and hugging you. "I take it your happy!!" you said sarcastically. "This is briilant!!!! Your brillant." he says before kissing you. He pulls away and says, "Your gonna be a mum." "And your gonna be a dad." you said back. "I love you." he says "I love you too."

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