Chapter 19

Louis' POV

*8 years later*

Today is a big day for a lot of people. Starting it off, it's Harry's 26th birthday and Peyton and I have planned a huge surprise party for him, okay not huge but it's still sick. Yes, the lads and I still live with Peyton and for a while after Peyton and Harry's fight, the tension in the house was almost unbearable. Also, ever since the night Haz broke up with Lacey, he has not been in a relationship. I guess when he told me he was going to wait for Peyton, he really meant it. The other boys have been doing well. Liam and Niall are still together and Zayn and Gracie are still together. As for me, well, there was an issue with El where we broke up for a year and then got back together. You see, she ha to go back to Manchester to finish Uni and I was already afraid that she was going to find someone else, someone better than me because she was so far away from me since I was in London, but I trusted her. I lost all that trust when I saw her on the front page of a magazine, locking lips with another guy. I still remember what the headline read. 'Tomlinson's lady love caught with another guy'. I broke up with her for a year when she visited back in London. After she graduated from Uni and moved back beside us in London, we got back together. Since them, we have been great, and I couldn't be happier.


The past 8 years have been normal yet interesting. After I found out Lou and El broke up, I asked Lou out. He said yes an we dated for a few months but broke up because it was like dating my brother..and it was quite awkward. Louis was okay with the break up because he agreed that it was awkward. One thing that excite me and the boys, mainly Liam and Niall, gay marriage became legal in the UK. Niall had always wanted to marry Liam ever since he discovered his feelings for him and Liam promised that they would get married one day so that made the both very happy. Zayn and Gracie have been really good but nothing major has happened so there's not much to say, and lastly, Harry. Harry has been good ever since the fight. He had acted a lot more brotherly towards me and do out of all the boys, I am closest with him. Yes, I am still close with Louis, but not as close as before because of Eleanor. She was really mad at me when I dated Lou and it affected our friendship, so she no longer trusts me to be alone with him so I just hang around with Harry.

Today is his birthday and I planned a surprise party with Lou and I also told Lou that I was going to tell Harry that I want to date again. He really has changed so I am ready. When I told Lou that, he had a cheeky grin but he wouldn't spill any secrets so I just left it alone.

"Peybear! Zaynie! Gray! Nialler! Li! El! Hazza boo will be here in 5, get in your places!" Louis screamed throughout the house. I ran to my spot, turning out the lights on my way.

We all reached our spots before Haz opened the door.

"I'M HOME! Pey, I want my hug, I'm a little upset and I need a 'Peyton Bear Hug'." Harry yelled with his voice cracking. I looked at Lou and he winked and I held a thumbs up. We waited 2 more seconds and Harry turned on the lights.

"SURPRISE!" we all jumped up and yelled. It scare Harry and he immediately locked eyes with me. He had been crying. He started crying again when he looked at me. I looked at my outfit, confused, and Harry started laughing.

"it's not you love. You look beautiful" I ran over to him and have him a hug around his torso while burying my face into his chest, trying to breathe in as much of his scent as I could while he buried his nose in my hair and rubbed my back. He smelled like vanilla, aftershave, and a little bit of sweat. It was somehow intoxicating and I seemed unable to get enough. I pulled away and looked into his beautiful green eyes and wiped a tear off of his cheek. I put my arms tightly back around his middle.

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