Chapter 3

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Twenty minutes later I walked down stairs ready to start my day and to my surprise, the house was spotless and the boys were dressed and gathered in the kitchen. I walked in the kitchen and hoisted myself on the counter next to Zayn. “Morning Babe.” He said sleepily as he kissed my cheek. “Morning.” I smiled. Liam came over and hugged me. “Morning Jen.” He said smiling. Then Harry came over to me and, like every morning, instantly kicked into flirt mode. “Morning gorgeous!” He said kissing me on the cheek. “Yeah yeah, hi curly.” I said as he gasped and faked hurt. I stuck my tongue out at the immature boy and he chuckled. Honestly when I’m in a good mood I can be pretty entertaining. “Hey, where’s carrot boy?” I asked referring to my immature brother. Just then he hopped into the room. I’m being serious he was hopping. Like a bunny.

“Louis what the hell is wrong with you?” I asked knowing that will be a mystery forever. He stuck his tongue out at me and sat on the floor. I shook my head and sighed. Then Niall walked in and I instantly brightened. “Morning beautiful!” He said coming over and spinning me around in a hug then kissing my cheek. “Morning Niall!” I said happily. Harry rolled his eyes. I think Harry’s catching onto me. Uh-Oh. My phone started playing ‘Up All Night’ and I saw that Riker was calling.

“Hey Riker! What’s up?” I said smiling like an idiot.

“Hey just letting you know that we’re on our way!” He said happily.

“That’s great, I really can’t wait to meet everyone! You guys are seriously my favorite band.” All the boys gasped and yelled ‘HEY!’. Riker chuckled and I rolled my eyes.

“Thanks! You were really good yesterday!”

“Thanks! Hey who’s driving?”



“Alright alright, I’ll hang up. We just pulled up anyway.”I shrieked and he chuckled before hanging up. I tossed my phone to Niall, which he expertly caught, and ran to the door. The boys chuckled and followed me and when I got to the door I opened it and saw everyone getting out of Riker’s van. I squealed and Riker turned around chuckling and came over to me. “Hey Jen!” He said giving me a hug. “RIKER!” I squealed. He chuckled again and I let go when I saw Ross. “ROSS!” I squealed as all of them chuckled and Ross came over and spun me around. “Hey Jenny!” He said setting me down. “Hey Blondie!” I said walking back over to Niall as he put his arm around my waist.

“Liz,” Riker started. “this is Rocky, Ratliff, and Rydel.” He pointed to each person as he announced their name. “Everyone this is Liz! And I’ll let her introduce you to her friends.” He smiled at me and I turned to face the rest of them. “Guys this is my brother Louis, our friends Zayn and Harry, Our dad Liam, and my best friend Niall.” I pointed to each of the boys and Liam rolled his eyes at being called our dad again. Niall wrapped his arm tighter around my waist and I smiled leaning into him. “Alright, we’re ganna let Harry cook since I’m too lazy to. SO who wants to go swimming?” I said. Everyone yelled ‘YEAH!’ and Harry groaned at the fact that he has to cook. HA! That’s what he gets. I giggled and we all walked to the backyard. My phone started ringing and Niall answered the call from Jordan.

“Hey Jordan.” He said smiling at me as we layed down on a deck chair, his arm still around my waist. “Nah, we’re busy. No I haven’t and I’m not going to.” He said as he held his finger up signaling he’d be one minute before he got up and walked off. I wonder what they were talking about…hmmmm. Before I knew what was happening I was being lifted up from our chair and thrown into the pool. I screamed and held my breath as I hit the surface of the water. I resurfaced a moment later to see Louis laughing his head off with Zayn and Harry.

“LOUIS YOU ASS!” I shouted at him. He walked over and helped me out. “OH you know you love me Jen.” He said I rolled my eyes and shoved him in the pool walking back to me and Niall’s chair. I sat down and he came over looking at me. “Why are you we- Louis?” He asked sitting down and putting and arm around my waist. “Yeah.” I said sighing and leaning into him. I started playing with my belly button ring. I don’t know why but I always do that. “Would you stop playing with it?” Niall asked chuckling. I sighed and smiled. “I can’t help it!” I said and he just chuckled.

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