Jays POV:

I finally got a hold of Paige. It felt really good to hear her voice. I really missed her.

"Hello?" is what I heard from the other line.

"Paige? Its Jay." I heard silence for a few moments.

"Hi Jay. Im really sorry I havent contacted you in awhile. I have been really busy with my new job," Paige finally said.

"I understand. Max and I would like to talk to you soon. Do you know when is a good time?" I asked.

"Um not really. Can I call you back when I get done working?"

"Sure. You have my number now. So just call whenever," I said smiling.

"Okay. Talk to you later." Then she hung up. I started smiling like a dork.

I walked down the stairs to get a cup of tea when I saw Nathan putting his shoes on. "Where you going mate?" I asked putting the tea kettle on the stove.

"Oh just to the store to pick up some stuff," he said.

"Okay. Just be careful," I said with a smile.

"Jay. Can I ask you something?" Nath said before heading out the door.


"Have you talked to Paige lately?"

"Yeah, I just called her."

"Okay. Thats good. I was just wondering," he said and then he was out the door. Tom was walking down the stairs when I noticed him.

"Hey Tom. Want any tea?"

"Sure. Jay, have you talked to Max?" I got two cups down and poured the water over the tea bags, "Yeah just a few hours ago. Why?"

"Well he is sound asleep. He hasnt slept like this in awhile you know," he said getting a drink.

"I know," I said looking at my cup.

"He really likes her Jay. He even wrote a song for her," Tom said looking at me.

"I wrote one for her too before the accident," I said looking at him.

"Have you called her?"

"Yeah. She said she would call back after she got done working," I said getting up and placing my cup in the sink.

"Will you do something for me? Will you have Paige talk to him?"

I looked at him and said, "Sure."

He got up and went into his room.

Paige's POV:

After I hung up from Jay I got that feeling back in my stomach that I havent had in awhile. It felt like somebody wanted me to be me. I guess thats why I like him so much. I walked down the stairs in a blue and yellow sundress with wedges on and the lime green dress in my hands.

"You ready to go?" Hannah asked.


We walked out the door and got into her Hummer. We got to the hair salon just in time. They did my hair a braided up do and make really light. I put on the dress and shoes and then we headed down to the photoshoot. Jayne was there helping out.

"Hey Jayne," I said when I walked into the building.

"Hi Paige!" she said walking towards me and giving me an air kiss. "You look wonderful," she said.

"Thank you. You look wonderful too," I said smiling.

Jayne pulled me over to the side and started whispering, "Paige, has Jay called you recently?"

"Yeah this moring. Is everything okay?"

"He misses you a lot, Paige. Max even misses you. Max is really depressed."

I looked at her and then to the side of the building.

"Jayne, I have feelings for both of them. I really love them both. I just cant choose at the moment," I said.

"I was just letting you know. Listen, you are a very beautiful lady and honestly I dont think this is the right job for you."

"I know. I kinda like it but I would actually love to be working with little kids at the daycare down the street from here," I said.

"Okay, let me go talk to Hannah and we'll make out a plan," she said smiling. She walked off.

"Okay. I need all of the models to come here." I heard the photographer say. I walked over to the meeting place and they told us where to go. I of course was the one who had to pose with an umbrella. I posed and luckliy it was over with with just a few shots. I changed out of the dress and waited for Hannah to finsh up. While I was waiting one of the workers brought her kids in and they were playing around. One of them started crying and her mom was in another room so I went and started talking to her.

"Hey sweetie. Whats wrong?' I asked.

"I miss my mom and I really want to go home," she said.

"Oh well I bet your mom misses you too. Do you want to color her a picture?" I asked noticing some crayons and paper on the table.

"Sure," she said with a huge smile.

"My names Paige. Whats your name?" I asked.


"Thats a beautiful name."

"Thank you." We colored for a little bit. Her mom  walked in with her other kid on her hip.

"Okay Stacy we need to get going," she said.

"Okay. Mommy I colored you a picture and that lady helped me," Stacy said.

"What do you need to tell her?" her mom asked.

Stacy ran over to me and gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you."

"It was really nice meeting you, Stacy."

"It was nice meeting you too." Stacy then went back to her mom.

"Thank you Paige," her mom said.


They left and I noticed Hannah looking at me with tears in her eyes. I walked over to her and hugged her.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

"I really wish you would stay her as a model, but the way you worked with Stacy i guess just got to me. You go follow your dreams dear," she said.

We went home and got something to eat. I texted Jayne to tell her thanks. I looked at the time which was 3:00 pm and called Jay. I was really shocked at who answered it though.

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