Chapter 2

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I was now in my room packing up to go on tour. Someone was coming to pick us up in about 3 hours and I was going crazy, throwing a bunch of clothes into my suitcase. I finished up with 3 suitcases that were piled with clothes in them.

Ding dong.

I raced downstairs and opened the front door being greeted by a tall man.

"Are you Isabella?" he asked me.

"Nope, I'm her twin sister" I held my finger up, indicating I would be back in a minute. I ran upstairs and saw Izzy with her three bags, struggling out of her room. I saw mom run up into my room and grab my bags. I helped Izzy with one of her bags and walked downstairs.

"Goodbye girls. Behave and please PLEASE be safe" our mom practically begged of us.

"Don't worry miss Beamish, your daughters are in very good and safe hands" the tall man who I learned his name was Tom, informed her. She nodded her hand and engulfed us in a big hug. Our dad caved in and joins the hug. After a minute or two of hugging and crying of joy, we walked out of the house, with Toms assistance of the bags. We hopped in the car and the house became les and less visible.


"We're here ladies" Tom told us. I looked out the car window and saw a huge hotel with screaming girls surrounding the doors. Great.

"Erm, do you think that we can go through the back?" Izzy asked kindly. Tom nodded his head and we drove to the back where there was no one except two big body builders in black suits. Those must be their bodyguards. We both grabbed two bags and I offered to carry the third but Tom insisted he carry it. What a gentleman. We were allowed acess and walked into the hotel, and into the elevators. Tom pressed the floor number 18. The top. I twitched at the thought of being at the very top. I never liked it because I was terrible with heights. We exited the elevator and walked down the hallway on the cream carpet until Tom stopped infront of a door. I realized it was the only door on the floor. Oh gosh. Right through those doors is five guys. Izzy squealed while I looked blankly at the door. Tom opened it up and we all entered in. I looked around and saw an empty area.

"Where are they?" Tom asked himself. Suddenly, five people jumped infront of us, scaring me to death. I screamed and dropped my stuff. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. Izzy ran up behind me and grabbed me while I clenched my chest. I have this condition that when I get scared badly then I panic and start to loose breath.

"In out in out in out in out in out" I heard Izzy calmly saying. Everyone was staring at me with questioned faces. I smacked my face with my palm. What a great way for Mia Beamish to meet One Direction. Such a Perfect moment don't you think? Blah. I leaned up out of Izzy's arm and stared at the floor.

"Are you ok?" I think it was Zayn who was asking. I'm pretty sure I got their names down.

"Yeah, you guys just scared me a hell of a lot" I tried lightening up the mood but only came out an awkward laugh.

"Guys! You scared the poor little chipmunk! You should never scare an animal" Louis walked up to me and gave me a protective hug.

"What?" I asked him, staring at the side of his face.

"Your my little chipmunk!" Louis let go and smiled.

"Okay then! And you will be my bear!" I smiled and my creative thought. Everyone around me started laughing. " What's so funny?"

"Louis' nickname is boobear" Liam replied, continuing to laugh.

"oh, then you will be my... Giraffe cause your so much taller then me" I smiled again.

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