Chapter 15

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**Ivy P.O.V.**

'Sky? Hey Sky are you hungry?'

No answer of course, life hasn't been easy out here in our home anymore. Nothings the same.

'Ivy?' Ivorie called.

'Yeah sis whats up?' I looked up at her. 'Holy shit..Ivorie your hair...'

Her hair was blue, black, red, and light pink..oh god Rayne fucked us up real bad.

'Does it look bad?' Her eyes full of tears. 'I tried to do it myself but the red turned into a light pink, and my  black hair made some of it go blue.' 

I can't even joke with her anymore, she just starts to cry, and I can't stand it.

'No Ivorie it looks fine.' I gave her my best smile.

'Oh good Ivy, I was wo-' A knock at the door cut her off. 'I'll get it.' She wandered off to the front door.

I decided to go make some taco's for dinner tonight. It was getting late and Alex had been released from the hospital last week. Of course he didn't want to leave because he had to tell Jamie "The Truth" heck I don't even know what the hell he's talking about.

I grabbed some ground turkey from the fridge and put it in the warmed skillet. Time to cook, again.

Really I don't know how much more of this I can take, I know we haven't been the same. Chris and Oliver are keeping to themselves. I think Chris is doing drugs but he wont say anything to anyone about it, maybe he told Oliver and they're helping each other I don't know.

Ivorie is letting people touch her again. Some what, sometimes she'll just flip and sometimes she's calm about it.

Sky makes it down the stairs but thats it, she doesn't even look near Alex and Jamie's room, and she wont go near the living room yet. Gabe is off on a buisness meeting so I don't know how he's doing anymore.

Alex finally got out of the hospital, but he's always going back to say hi to Jamie and tell him a bunch of dirty little secrets that he's been keeping hidden. Its freaking weird..

'Ivy! Oh Ivy come here, its such great news!' Ivorie screamed from the front door. 'Everyone come downstairs quickly! We have to go to the hospital.'

I turned off the oven and grabbed a plate to clean off. I haven't even finished making dinner yet and she already want to go see Jamie, so she can cry and we have to leave early?

'What is it Ivorie?' I asked annoyed.

'Everyone please come here!' She yelled again running up the stairs and coming back down with Sky who's face was standed with tears, she was holding Jamie's baby picture and a box of tissues. Chris came down from the backyard, his eyes were red, I'm guessing it wasn't from crying. Oliver came out from his room holding Moon and October was scurring next to his feet.

'Ivorie what could possibly be so important that we have to get to the hospital?' Chris asked. Grabbing a pair of sun glasses to hide his eyes from us. To late dude, I alreay saw them. -.-

I looked passed Ivorie and saw Alex in the door his eyes were red and his face had tear stains on them, he was sweating, I guess he ran over here. This must be pretty important.

'It Jamie guys. He's awake.' Alex smiled at us.

I dropped the plate on the floor and it broke. Everyone sucked in a sharp piercing breath. Sky broke into tears. Oliver and Chris held each other crying.

'Really?' I asked. I can't cry until I see him.

'Yes really, guys we have to get going right now.' Alex ran out of the door and we all joined him into the car.

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