Chapter 21

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Mina's POV

Nayeon, Dahyun, Sana and I was preparing the party yesterday night so we ended up sleeping in Chaeyoung's house.

"Ringggg" The alarm rang

I woke up and took a shower. I wore a blue hoodie with white jean. I went out to the cake shop to get the cake that I ordered yesterday.

Time skip

"WAKE UP...WAKE UP.. WE NEED TO PREPARE FOR LATER.." I shouted at the sleeping Nayeon, Sana and Dahyun.

They washed up and started to help me put on all the baners, balloons and other decorations.

Chaeyoung's POV

I still can't believe that Mina is my girlfriend but I will try to remember everything about her. And also, today I can FINALLY get out of this shitty place.

I was on my phone the whole time since I can only get discharge in the evening. I came across some picture of me and Mina. Suddenly, a sharp pain in my head cause me to hold my head. Something flashed pass my mind.


" Hey Chaeyoung come play with me.."

" Coming! " I shouted

" Lets play catching.."

"Okay..I will catch you" I said to the girl

"OUCH.." The girl shouted as she fell

" (blurred name), Are you okay? " I said as I rush to her

End of flashback

'Who is that girl?? Am I that close to her??' I said to myself as I was still holding my head because of headache

"Chaeyoung, you okay??" Momo asked me

He ran out to call the doctor to check on me.

"He will have these headaches nowadays as when he remember something time to time he will get headaches. So i guessed he remember something.." the doctor said to my friends

The doctor went out and Jeongyeon, Momo and Tzuyu ran towards me.

"What did you remember??" Jeongyeon asked

"Do you remember who is Mina??" Tzuyu asked

"I just remember when I was young, I was playing with a girl and that girl fell but I don't know who she is.." I said

"She is Mina..Mina is your childhood friend.." Momo shouted

'She is Mina??' I questioned myself

Although they say she is my girlfriend, I trust them but I am still unsure. I don't know of I should trust them or not. Mina is still a stranger to me. I don't know and don't remember who she is. I felt sad when she cry but I will obviously feel sad seeing a girl cry even if I don't know her. Can I really trust her??

Mina's POV

We finished preparing while the boys when to keep Chaeyoung company. I took out my phone as I scroll my gallery. It was pictures of Chaeyoung and I.

"I still can't believe that Chaeyoung would forget about me..." I said to myself

"I promised that I will help him remember right? Don't be sad anymore okay? " Nayeon came from the back and said

I nodded as I called Jeongyeon.


" He is packing his things now..Don't rush okay? I know you are excited to see him.."

" Okay hehe. Sorry for rushing. I just really want to see him. "

" Its okay. We are walking to my car now. Just wait at home. Bye "

" Byee "

End call

Time skip

Chaeyoung's POV

I finally can get out of this place. I packed my stuff as quickly as I can.

"JEONGYEON AHH...LETS GO ! " I shouted for jeongyeon because I wanted to get out this place as quickly as I can.

I ran out to Jeongyeon's car while shouting,


"Hey..Chill..I know you are happy.." Jeongyeon said

Time skip

I opened my house door.

"WELCOME BACK.." Nayeon, Sana, Dahyun, Mina, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu and Momo shouted.

"Woow..Thanks" I smiled revealing my deep ass dimple.

My house was decorated with balloon and lots of others decorations. I ran to the food on the table.


"Mina cooked all this.." Sana said

I turned around and gave her a smile.

I started to eat because I missed home food.

Time skip

I went to my bathroom and took a shower. I came out wearing a sweat pants and a white hoodie.

I started thinking.

'Who is Mina?? ARGHHH...WHO IS SHE?? WHY MUST I GET AMNESIA?? WHY ??' I said to myself

"What you thinking about?" Mina broke my train of thoughts when she came in.

"Nothing much" I said as I flashed her a smile.

She sat beside me and hugged my arm. I took my phone and scroll through my gallery. I came across a lot of picture of us. I saw one picture of us kissing.

"I really love you huh?" I said while smiling

"Yea..We use to do that last time.." Mina said as she face down

"But....We can't do it now..Because you don't remember me. " Mina continue and whispered the last sentence

"I said I will try to remember right? I will try my -- " I stopped when I felt headache again.


" Hey..What wrong?? Why you crying, (blurred name) ? " I asked

" H-he b-b-bullied m-me a-again, Chaeyoung ahh.. "

" I will find him okay? I will protect you from him.. " I said as I wipe her tears

" C-chaeyoung ahh..y-you a-are the b-best.." She sniffed

"Now stop crying okay? I will buy you icecream.." I said as I gave her a smile

End of flashback

"Chaeyoung, you okay??" Mina asked worriedly

"Yea..I just remember something.." I said holding my head

"What did you remember?" Mina asked

" I remember a girl being bullied so she cried and I promised I will protect her. " I said

"Its me, the girl is me" She whispered

"Sorry. What did you say??" I asked since I couldn't hear her.

"Nothing..You better rest.." Mina said as she walked out of my bedroom.

I opened my phone again.

"I guess you really is my girlfriend..But how can I forget you if you are so important to me? How? " I said to myself before laying on bed and drifted to sleep.

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