On The Phone

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          I told him not to search. No, I demanded him not to. For the few short seconds I was on the phone with him, I gave him one small task, "Don't look for me" Before I could even wait for his answer I put down the receiver.

          I was done giving him a choice; I was done waiting for him to see I'm not worth finding. This time would be different. This time I wouldn't narrowly escape him, I would completely stay out of his way. I've been playing this game with him and others for 2 years now, the fact they haven’t decided me dead is amazing.

         Well, I guess since I've been stupid enough to leave little signs of my existence they still have hope and now with my first phone call to him since I was officially labeled as lost I wouldn't be surprised if they were already trying to find out where the call came from. What can I say? I was tired of this ridiculous game of cat and mouse. I gave him and therefore the others the most crystal clear message I could possibly think of, don’t look for me.

         I tugged my coat closer to my body "Don't look for me Jess, damn it don’t effing look for me," I muttered under my breath, letting the heat of my words flow out into the cold cloudy weather.

          With a sigh and a silent prayer that Jess would for once in his life do something that wasn't stupid, I picked up the payphone again.

         Well, he already knew I was here, and if he didn't he’d know pretty soon so what the hell? I dialed the number etched in my brain from dialing it so many times all those years ago. As the phone rang I silently muttered, "C'mon pick up, pick up"

         As if my no doubt fantastic Jedi mind tricks had worked, someone picked up, "What?!" A voice screamed at me from the other end, "What on this forsaken wasteland we call Earth is so damn important that you have to phone me at-" there was a pause then a shuffling, "2 in the flipping morning?! I don't need car insurance, I'm broke as hell, and I don't have anything worth stealing!" I rolled my eyes. Some people never change.

         "C'mon now, we both know you have something that everyone on this forsaken wasteland would love to steal, don't we Georgie?" Ha, see how he reacted to that.

         There was a pause then he uttered a disbelieving, "Oh my god..." Which was quickly followed by a slur of curse words, half of which I'm pretty sure he made up on the spot unless you frog lipped piano is supposed to be insulting.

           Still, it was nice to hear his voice again.

          Finally he sighed and said words that actually made sense when put into a sentence, "You haven’t talked to me in 2 years....2 WHOLE EFFING YEARS, and you pick now, 2 in the morning when I had finally relaxed and began to stop worrying about you because I was pretty sure you were either dead or barely alive, to talk to me? What type of sick person are you?"

         "The kind who can't have a decent conversation with her step-dad without being chewed out for every mistake in her life evidently," I retorted, "If it's any concern to you still I'm neither barely alive or dead"

         "That's great kid, tell me something I haven't already figured out by now, and if your calling 'cuz you need money or a favor more elaborate than watering your plants while your away the answer is no, I'm not getting any more involved than I already am and with my probation officer breathing down my back  it's hard enough to keep my nose clean as it is"

         I sighed, might as well tell him, "George, I couldn't give the slightest care about you and your stupid probation officer, you’re lucky he hasn't already called you on all the stuff you've already done, don't act like I don't have the slightest clue what you've been doing for the past two years, besides even if I wanted money from you I don't know how the hell I'd get it, I'm in London"

         "London?," He asked, "What are you doing in London?"

          "What are you doing telling me you don't want to get involved? You're already in some pretty deep shit as it is if they catch you," I said, ignoring his question.

         “Yeah but knowing you is practically a felony by itself, and more importantly, a felony you can’t get away with”

         I wasn’t about to say he was wrong but I also wasn’t about to admit he was right so I simply gave a wimpy, “Aw, shove off mate” With that a laugh could be heard, “I think London’s growing on you…mate,” he added mockingly.

           “So what’s the real reason you called, no one pretends to be dead for 2 years and then is spontaneously resurrected”

          “Well then call me crazy for being sick and tired of being chased around this forsaken wasteland and wanting to make sure YOU were alive you crazy old man”

          “Ha, Quinn, I’ve known you long enough to know you don’t think like that,” he said.

         I sighed; just spit it out, “I’ve decided to change my plan. I’m coming home and whether you feel like harboring a fugitive or not, you’re gonna have the honor of playing host for me in a few days”

          George just snorted, “Like hell I’m going to let you in here”

         “And this is why blackmail is a beautiful thing,” I said.

         There was a silence.

          “I’m coming Friday, be ready”

         And with that I hung up the phone.

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