Chapter 2





A week has passed since Caleb's departure and things have yet to go back to normal. I expected a call or text from him, but nothing of the sort. My Mother still doesn't know about our break-up, rarely has she been home. Was it a break-up, though? He never said that...I guess it was just implied.

We're out of school for the next week because lower class-men have exams, it's nice being a Senior.

"Sissy." Annie tugs on the end of my shirt, looking down I eye her with a raised eyebrow. "Why are you up so late?" Rubbing her eyes, Annie's hair bounces around; she has blond curls all around that she took from our father and chocolate brown eyes that melt into your soul.

Each night it's been hard to fall a sleep and I've been finding myself starring out my bedroom window just gleaming at the moon. "Not tired yet." I mumble as I glance back out the window.

"It's two in the morning." She giggles and it lightens up the room. Removing my gaze from the lingering moon, I turn to face Annie. "Milk and cookies?" Annie suggests with a smile.

"Sure." A light laugh escapes my lips and I can already see Caleb fading away into nothingness.

After having a few cookies with nice warm milk, I tucked Annie back into bed and found myself cuddling under the covers of my own. Mother is working the night shift for work at a nursing home and I know it's hard on Annie and Ronnie. It can be rough not having your Mother or Father there for you at night.

Moments drift on and I find myself finally fading to sleep as the warm covers brace me.

A boy is running in the woods, each movement is crucial as men trail behind him. Screams go off as gunshots fill the air. His facial features are a mystery as darkness consumes the night; but I can see the dark locks of blond hair.

Another shot is fired and this time it hits him in the shoulder and the young male falls to the ground; screaming in pain. Turning his body he looks up as a dark silhouette hovers over him: pointing a gun straight at his temple.

All I see is his lips quiver with anticipation as he plays out his last moments of life. Sweat trickles down his fair skin; the male is not certain if he'll live or die.

The silhouette becomes clearer as another male is revealed, this one much older and scarier. His lips move, but no words come out; complete silence. The gun is loaded and ready to shoot, but the man still waits.

The boy smiles as he ignites into flames, perishing all who stand in a five mile radius.

My body shoots up; my heart races at the speed of light. What sort of dream was that?

"Fanny!" Looking towards my door I can hear light footsteps run down the hall until Ronnie is standing in my doorway. "Mom isn't home yet, she just called and said it would be another hour." Like my Mother and I, Ronnie has wavy brown hair, but blue eyes like our Father.

"And?" I ask rubbing my eyes of any sleep remaining.

"You need to take us too school." Ronnie pauses for a second as I rub my face and smash my head into the pillows. "In five minutes."

"Okay." I say, though it's muffled.

Getting up and decently dressed, I head downstairs to see Annie and Ronnie waiting at the side door with crossed arms.

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