"Okay y'all that was really dope!" Jazzy exclaimed chugging her water.

We were doing the last part of auditions and we were down to two girls. Lexy and this girl Nani. They both had inevitable talent and incredible personalities, but we could only choose one person. Nani was a singer and a dancer, being really awesome at both. She had the voice of Sevyn and the dance moves of Jennifer Lopez, but she definitely had an attitude. Whenever we attempted to critique her work, the first thing she did was scoff under her breath. And when we called her to let her know she made the last cut, but she'd have to be traveling behind our Tour Bus like before she huffed into the phone and then accepted the challenge. She had incredible talent, but just a terrible attitude and personally I don't want to have to put two in her ass over her attitude problem.

On the other hand, Lexy was more of a singer than a dancer. She could sing like Whitney Houston, but she danced like Willow Smith. She had a lot of energy and presented a lot of potential, but Lord dancing just wasn't her strength. She had a great attitude and laughed at herself whenever she made a mistake and learned much faster than I did. It took me months to develop some type of dancing talent, where hers got better and better the longer we practiced. And when we told her that she'd have to follow our Tour Bus to the next destination she was really excited and was looking forward to it. I really liked Lexy, from day one she was alluring and charismatic and that made me want to make sure that she got the part.

"We'll call whom ever got the part" I said taking a seat on the floor.

The girls smiled and walked out of the dance studio taking their dance bags with them. I waited 'till I heard the door click shut and then began to babble on about Lexy.

"I want her in the group" I said looking at Prod and Jazzy.

"I second that notion" Jazzy agreed.

We stared at Prod who was playing with the shoe strings of his favorite Nikes.

"Huh?" he asked realizing that we were waiting on him.

"Who do you think we should pick?" I asked.

"Nani" he replied quickly.

"NANI!?!" Jazzy and I exclaimed in unison.

"Yeah" he said.

"Why?" I asked. "She's rude and just... I don't like her at all"

"I dunno I find her... Charming" he answered.

"No you just like her booty" Jazzy said clenching her jaw.

"Yeah..." he replied smiling from ear to ear.

I punched him in the arm and he yelped.

"We have to work with one of these girls. WHO SHOULD WE PICK!!!?!" I asked.

"Ugh.. Fine, Lexy" he said rolling his eyes.

"You should be ashamed" I replied replaying his accordance to Jazzy's statement about her ass.

"I'm a dude, sue me" he said sticking his tongue out at me.

I got up and started towards the door with my dance bag over my shoulder.

"See y'all at rehearsal" I said shutting the door behind me.

I walked into the locker room and layed my dance bag on the floor. I leaned over and began to pull out my things for my hygiene routine. I started to pull out my panties when all of a sudden a wave washed over me. Not of energy, but something different. Something sickening. My stomach began to growl and then churned. I sat up and rubbed my stomach gently suddenly becoming dizzy. I was about to throw up. I ran into the closest stall and before I got onto my knees throw up flew out of my mouth like old faithful, no warning and strong.

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