wolf fighter chapter 6

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Cyrena's POV

I was so excited when my mom came to me a few hours ago and told me the good news, "Baby, Alpha Liam as given you permission to fight when ever you like," she said smiling to me, "Make sure you go up to him and thank him for allowing you to train with his fighters."

I ran up to my mom and embraced her tightly, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I can't believe I can train with them when ever I want!"   I know how sexist this sounds but women who want to become fighters have to get permission from their Alphas to be one if not I would cause grande problemas for yours truly.  Although back in the day, women were not aloud to become warriors of there pack.  Male egos bruise easily.

"Cyrena, make sure you keep hands up at all times because if you don't and land in a fight then they're going to take advantage of that open spot.  OK?"  I nodded my head in understanding. "Good.  Now I want you to do the combo again."  Jack took it upon himself to train me when I was aloud to come out here and train with the rest of the guys.  I really was thankful for him because none of the other guys wanted the job, plus, he was the best fighter in our pack, well him and Liam.  Another thing?  He was great to look at especially when he wasn't wearing his shirt.  Naughty?  Yes but can you blame me?

Jack is 6'5", taller than me by ten inches.  Short brown hair, green eyes to die for, strong chin, full lips, eight pack, and muscle all in the right places.  Damn, I just described most of the male wolf race, their bodies are identical because they workout alot.  That's OK...  More EYE CANDY for me.  I couldn't help it when my eyes started to linger on his torso.  He brought his hand up to my face and snapped his finger a few times to bring me out of my lasciviousness and I gave him a sheepish grin.


"It's OK," he nodded, "I understand, you want this body." He smirked at me.

"Get over yourself."  I cursed a few times under my breath for getting caught ogling his body.  Damn hormones.

"Enough playing, do it again."  He raised the hand mitts indicating for me start again.Jab, cross, hook, cross, bob and weave to the right, cross, hook, bob and weave to the left, hook, cross, superman cross, jab, jab on the way out.  I kept chanting to myself.  I did this combo for three minutes until the bell goes off in the distance.


Trina's POV

"Push, push, push Trina.  Stop being a weakling and get it done already," I was running hard trying to complete a mile in under a few minutes.  I didn't want to disappointment him maybe if I finished on time he would approve of me, that was all I ever wanted...

"MOVE TRINA," he roared, "your so damn slow!"  I feel my body starting to hurt from pushing myself so much.  When I finally finished my mile I looked down at my twelve year old body, "Change into your wolf and do it again!"  He barked.  I turned around and role my eyes so he wouldn't see.  I was making my way to the forest that surrounded the pack house when my dad spoke again, "Where do you think your going?"

"To change into my wolf like you told me to, sir."  Pointing to the forrest so I can take off my closethes and not ruin them.

He gave me a sinful smile walking towards me, "Change here," he kept walking towards me.  Every step he took, I took one back.  I kept my eyes on him, 'daddy's aren't suppose to be like this,' i thought to myself, 'there were suppose to protect you, love you not harm you,'  My back hit a tree when I walked into it making me whimper because there was no place for me to escape.  When he reach me, my whimpers became more urgently his glare showed me how much revulsion he held for me.  He put one of his callous hands on my shoulder gripping it tightly I screamed out loud when I heard my clavicle snap and the intense pain that radiated from there.  I close my eyes praying that this would end soon, the ground swallow me whole, or would just kill me already.

"Haven't I always told you never to disobey me?"  He brought a hand to my face and caressed it, "You are MINE!"  He growled,  "I can do what ever I damn will please and you will listen and you will obey.  You will be punished if you don't," he brought his other hand to the top of my head and took a fist full of my hair and thrust my head into the tree, "Do you understand?"

I nodded my head in comprehension.  The pain in my shoulder has receded telling me my bone is almost healed.  He let go of my shoulder and flung me to the side of the tree, "You better do well and remember that, too," he said.  He walked away from me and into the house.  I sat there besides the tree sobbing my heart out, my shoulders shaking.

"Trina," someone whispered while I was crying, "Trina," my shoulders shaking more roughly, Tri-" 

My arm shout out and grabbed my fathers neck and squeezed my hand slightly getting ready to kill him, my eyes shot open, "na."  I realized I had Joey in my my grasp instead of my fathers.  Oh my God, I could have killed my little brother.  "JOEY," my hand dropped to my side, "I am so sorry, I could have killed you."  He was rubbing his neck taking in the pain away.

"I know now to never try to wake you up when your having a bad dream.  Are you OK?  What were you dreaming about?"  He sat down on my bed.

"Just about dad."  I shrugged my shoulders.  He seem to understand because he didn't prod further.  "What did you need?"

"It's time for our meeting."  He looked around the room, "Your leaving soon, how come you haven't packed yet?"  I lift up my black backpack which was lying on the floor and dangled it in front of his face.  "That's all your bringing?"  He looked from my backpack to me.


"I think you should bring more don't you?"  He quirked an eyebrow at me.

I waved my hand dismissively to him, "I should bring more but I'm not going to."  I have my reason why I don't pack much.  You never know when you have to make a quick get-a-way.  "Don't worry so much Joesph, I'm going shopping when I get out there.  By the way, did you call the Alpha in Hawaii and letting him know that I'm going out there to visit "family.""

He scratched the back of his neck showing me he was nervous, "Spit it out."

"Well...  He was shocked at first but made me give my word that you weren't there to attack them or else his pack would tear you up then send you back here in pieces."  He said sheepishly.

"I wouldn't except anything less.  Let's go to this pack meeting so I can leave and work on a tan...  Although, I don't need one it's, just, the principal that matters."  He chuckled at me.

He took my hand and led me to the meeting.  Once we arrived, he withdrew his hand, and motioned me to sit next to him on the podium.  

"Thank you everyone for coming..."


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