Carnivals, Girls, and Cotton Candy Swirls

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The carnival was amazing. I wanted to try ALL of the 'rides', as the humans called them. The first one we went on seemed the highest of them all. It was a big wheel with little compartments hanging form each spoke, where humans sat. In front of us in lthe line were four girls. One was African-American and had cornrows that ended in colorful, tiny, beaded braids. She was wearing a purple tank top with a sparkly silver 'peace' sign on it, short denim shorts, and purple 'sandals'.  Another was a ginger with lots of freckles, and curly hair. She was wearing a green t-shirt with blue hearts on it, blue cargo shorts, and black 'converse' with rainbow 'laces'. Yet another was a dirty blonde, that wore a green tank top with an aqua crop top that had a sea turtle on it, knee-length denim shorts, and sliver glittery flip flops. The last girl was a brunette. Her hair was straight and sliky. She wore a sequined pink tank top, white cargo shorts, and pink 'gladiator' sandals. All four looked about our age. I wanted to talk to them. Good thing English was our mermaid city's second language.

"Um... Hello!" I said, waving.

The Brunette, who was talking to the Ginger, turned. "Um, Excuse me?" she said. The rest of them turned.

"Uh, Hailstorm," SummerSunshine whispered to me.

I ignored her. "Hi! I'm Uh.. Hail...ey and this is my friend Summer!" I said cheerily, pointing to SummerSunshine. "What are your names?"

"I'm Lily," The brunette said. She seemed to be the leader of the group. She pointed to Each girl, African American, Blonde, and Ginger, and said their names. "They're Bianca, Christy, and Olivia." Lily paused for a moment. "You two are out of town, aren't you," she said, "I haven't seen you around before."

"Uh, yeah," SummerSunshine said, "We are from a completely different world...ya know, figuratively. We are.. um.. transfer students. Our parents are renting houses down here while they get rebuilt. it's kinda ironic how they are both getting rebuilt at the same time." Summer explained. I wondered why she made up all that.

"Well," Olivia said, "I guess We'll she you at school tomorrow. But, the last day is in three days, so you won't be here for long."

"Well, that's okay!" I said.

"Hey," Christy noticed, "Why do your clothes have tears in them?"

"Yeah," Bianca added, "They look like you found them in a dumpster!" "Oof!" she said. Lily had just elbowed her int he stomach.

She plastered a smile on her face. "Bianca, don't be rude, we don't want to make a bad impression on these new girls!"

The group were starting to sound more and more like the jewel mermaids back at home.

"Well, yeah, it was nice meeting you!" Summer said, and then they went onto their compartment on the wheel. THe next one pulled up, and we got in. There was a sudden jolt in the machine as we rose higher and higher into the air. Summer let out a little shriek as I looked over the side of the compartment and it shook a bit.

"Hey, never rode a ferris wheel before?" Some guy called up from below.

"Uh, yeah! Kinda!" I shouted back.

I gazed out over the edge. You could see the whole boardwalk fform up here. It was amazing. I gasped. "Wow."

The ride was over too soon. After that we went over to a vendor who was selling fluffy, pink stuff on a stick, that humans were eating. We bought some with some extra money that we had. It was delicious. Apparently it was called cotton candy, and it was basically swirled sugar or something like that. THen, we went on all the other rides. It was a great night.

NOw we had to find somewhere to sleep.

We found a nice spot under the boardwalk and fell asleep on the soft sand.

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