Where Did He Go?

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Roxanne saw Lia's skin. It literally did get paler in less than a second, and Roxanne got a bit worried. She wasn't sure if she should ask Lia why she was getting pale, but someone had to ask. So Roxanne gulped down a huge lump in her throat, then croaked out, "W-What's wrong?"

Lia's hand fell limp at her side as she slumped to the floor. "Um...Roxanne...? Will you kill me if I say this?"

Roxanne's eye watered again. "S-Say what?" Roxanne asked.

Lia turned away and looked down at the pale figure beside her. "I can't feel a pulse..."

Roxanne gasped, her hands flying to her mouth. She looked down at Walter as well. With her hands shaking, she felt Walter's neck. Lia was right. No pulse. And with that, Roxanne burst into tears again and she sobbed into his chest once more.

Lia looked up at Amelia and they both exchanged worried glances. Just then, the front door opened and Erik, Xaden, and Arian came rushing into the house. As soon as Arian saw Roxanne, she gasped and ran to Walter and Roxanne, trying to comfort her.

Xaden looked over at Erik, surprised to see Roxanne crying like that in front of everyone. But Erik just shrugged in reply.

"Roxanne..." Arian said, placing her hand on Roxanne's moving shoulder. "I know this may be hard but-"

"Stop." Roxanne's muffled voice said. She lifted her head up and sniffed. "Please...I don't need any comfort."

Erik leaned over to Xaden and whispered inside his ear, " 'Please?!' She must be really upset." Xaden chuckled a bit in reply.

Arian glared over at Erik and Xaden's direction, then turned back and her facial expression went back to mourning for her. "You really don't want to talk about it?" She asked.

Roxanne shook her head and rubbed her eyes so they wouldn't be so watery. "I'm fine. I just want to be alone so I can handle this myself." She patted her cheeks, trying to straighten out. "See? I'm fine." Arian just snorted and rolled her eyes. She suddenly slapped the back of Roxanne's head. Roxanne yelped and rubbed her head, glaring at Arian. Arian smirked. "Ow! What was that for?!" Roxanne demanded.

"You need to stop being so discrete." Arian told her. She giggled at Roxanne's eyes. They seemed like she wanted to murder Arian, but Arian wasn't too surprised, since she did slap Roxanne. "You really should rely on us more."

Roxanne opened her mouth to argue, but suddenly she saw a white flash beside her. With her mouth still opened, Roxanne and Arian both turned over to see what the light was.

They saw Walter glowing! So their heads went oward Lia, who shook her head and shrugged, saying that she wasn't the one who did it. But Roxanne gave her a look, and Lia held up her hands, showing that they weren't glowing.

Roxanne suddenly fell back by the Light. Arian gasped and saw Walter being lifted up into the air with his arms to his side and his feet together. The brilliance of the Light was blinding them all, even Lia.

"Don't worry." A voice tried reassuring them. "I shall bring Walter back in a few days..."

Roxanne and the others heard the voice. But before anyone could ask who it was, the Light was gone...And so was the voice.

It took a few minutes for them to get their sight back, though, Roxanne was still seeing colors all over the place, but other than that she could see just fine.

Lia got to her feet and started to examine the room. "W-What just happened?" She wondered aloud. She patted herself real quick, making sure that she didn't accidently do that without herself knowing...Even though that may not be possible.

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