Chapter 29

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Chapter 29


"We really should get to beeeeedddd" Kealee yawns as the credits for the movie we were watching scroll before our eyes.

"Okayy." I agree and we slip into our still-side-by-side beds in the den.

"Kealee?" I say. "Yes she replies sleepily. "I love you." I choke out. "I love you too Ni" She says without heaitation.

I sing to her and she falls asleep. I dont know why but somethings keeping me awake. So I just lay in bed and stroke Ke's hair. She's so cute when she's asleep. With her dead to the world I sigh and lay beside her.

"Shut the door," I sing "Turn the lights out, I wanna be with you, wanna feel your love I wanna lay besiiide you, I can not hide this, even though I try." I fall asleep singing moments into Kealee's ear.

My dreams are filled with happiness. Mostly Kealee. Her singing, her speaking, laughing, smiling. I smile in my sleep, as, everything she does brings a smile on my face. So whats bugging me? I decide I'm just being paranoid and go back to my dreams.

One in perticular was not so happy.

Kealee is there smiling untill someone walks up behind her. He picks Kealee up bridal style and starts walking off in very, very slow motion. Shes screaming her head off and so am I. But, whenever I try and take a step, I fall to the ground and every time, it takes longer for me to regain my balence. By this point in time, the man is miles away, and I cant even see him anymore, but Kealee's tourcherous screams still ring as lousd as they did before. Eventually, I give up and curl into a ball on the ground and cry. I cry harder than I ever have before. I plug my ears, but still, Kealee's scream pierces my brain.

I wake up screaming, and with a very comcerned looking Kealee sitting over me.

"Niall! Niall!" She says "Whats wrong?" She asks. "Just a bad dream" I reply.

"Are you OK?" She says, her eyebrowns knitting together in concern.

"Im sure." I say.

But I'm not.

That dream seemed so real. Too real. I roll over in bed. "Good nite" says Kealee. "Good nite" I reply. But in no way is this a good nite. I close my eyes and try to sleep. But all I can hear are Kealee's desperate screams for help.


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