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" You are the winner!! You win a week with Nathan Sykes from The WANTED!! What's your name lucky winner?!" DJ Kirk egerlly looked down at the phone which I was on the other line of. I'm trying to catch my words and sound cool and not to obsessive because I knew Nathan was listening so he could know the name of the lucky lady. " My name is Brook." I say calmly , yet scream on the inside. Just then I hear Nathans faint British accent, " Well Brook, its great that your a fan and I have a whole week planned for you. See you soon." My heart flips as I hear his final slur. "See you soon Nathan." Then DJ Kirk said his final words giving me the information to find Nathan.

Of course I was excited and nervous, but I knew I had to play it cool. I ran upstairs and put my black sparkle belly top on, black skinny jeans, and white pumps. I teased my hair then did my makeup. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch waiting for the limo to bring me my future husband. It would just be him and me in the limo so I knew I had a good chance to flirt.

About 10 minutes later I heard a car door shut. I nervously ran to the bathroom to check my final look then ran to the door looking through the peep hole. Nathan was walking towards the door with flowers in his hands, every step he took made my heart beat faster and louder. As he started walking up the pourch I wanted to start screaming and crying but knew I had to keep it cool.

I back away from the door knowing the more I watched him walk up, the more nervous and panicky I would get. I hold my breathe and suddenly the doorbell rings, I almost burst into tears but slowly calm myself down and walk towards the door. My hand grasps the door knob and turns it at a slow pace making sure I had my breathing in check before I opened the door all the way. I put a smile on my face and opened the door fully. His back was facing me and he turned his head around then his body. He looked at me up and down and smiled and laughed a bit, then gave me the flowers. I looked down at my outfit, wondering if he laughed because he couldn't believe I looked so hot, or laughed because I tried to hard? I smiled anyways and said "Hi I'm Brook." I held out my hand and he took the other end of my arm and shook it "Nathan" he laughed again, only this time he blushed. That's when I knew I had started this week off right.

He opened the door for me and got in after. "So Brook, tell me a little bit about you" his smile cutting right into my soul. "Well I'm the middle child of 3, I do cheerleading, my favourite colour is purple-" "How old are you?" I didn't realise he cut me off until his hand was on mine. I fangirl giggled inside but kept calm as I answered. "17, I'm turning 18 in November" I saw his eyes widen as I'm sure he was thinking 'She's near my age'

We pulled up in front of the studio at which they were recording their new album. "We won't be here long, just wanna show you to the boys" he smiled and took my hand. On the way in he explained how in order for this week to happen he needed to finish recording a specific amount of tracks. We walked in the room and the boys poped out and shot silly string out at Nathan and I. Nathan and I laughed and pulled the gooey string off us. "So this is the lucky lady?" Max said holding out his hand, letting me know to shake it. I held mine out and shook his. " You got a good one, she's fit." Tom said with a large smile ditching a handshake and going straight for a hug. "Yes yes, very pretty aha" Siva also came in for a hug. "She better not take you away from me." Jay hugged me, laughing at his joke. "Well now I look like an idiot giving her a handshake and you all hug her." Max came in for a hug. "Guys this is Brook" Nathan smiled as he looked at me.

"Well Brook it's nice to meet you. We really need to finish recording so you two enjoy your day" Tom patted Nathan on the shoulder and ran back into the recording room. The rest of us laughed and said 'Bye' in unison.

Nathan and I sat down in the limo once again. "So I was thinking dinner and a movie first for Day 1? That sound ok?" Nathan gave me a smile which was perfectly symmetrical. "That sounds wonderful" I smiled, showing my teeth that were recently freed from braces. The limo pulled up in front of a french restutant "La Bella De Genero" Nathan quickly got out of the car and ran to my door and opened it. He grabbed my hand and helped me out, his hands were very soft and warm. His hands fit my hands perfectly and I almost shed a tear as he gently kissed my wrist when I got out.

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