"Aren’t you afraid you'll get burned?" I ask with concern. "I don’t want all my friends walking around with burnt fingers.

"I'm not worried," He rolls his eyes playfully. "Look at me; do I look like I'm scared?" I look him up and down, dark hair, piercings, gages in his ears, tattoos, dark clothes. He doesn’t look frightened; he looks as if he anticipates moments like these. I sigh and pull the necklace out of my shirt. I stand and walk over to where he Mel sit.

Ash slowly reaches his hand out. He's hands are shaking slightly, I would be nervous if I were about to do something this extreme. He taps the necklace with his fingers quickly and when he doesn’t react he grabs it up in his hand and holds it. "That wasn’t so bad," He says sounding relieved.

"Why did it burn Sara then?" Mel asks curiously. Ash and I shrug. "I saw her finger, the acrylic nail completely melted. Some of it will probably be in her skin forever." I shudder knowing that Cheveyo's necklace did that to my friend. I would say she deserved it because she still doesn’t believe me but she didn’t deserve that.

Why would Cheveyo give me something that had the possibility of hurting someone and what make Sara so different from Ash? "So you guys believe me right?" I ask sounding hopeful.

"I believe you." Mel says. "I'm not touching the lava necklace though; I just got my nails done." She holds up her perfectly manicured hands. I know the colors and designs are a tribute to Ash. All of her nails are pink except her pinkies which are black with a silver skull painted on.

"I do too," Ash says truthfully. "You've never been a liar. You didn’t tell us for obvious reasons. Sara thinks you’re totally bonkers but I don’t. My great-grandma used to tell my grandmother stories similar to yours. You could meet her tomorrow if you want. Maybe she can tell you more about this than I can."

Do I want to put my trust in the hands of a little old woman? She could have been telling her mother’s tales as bedtime stories for all I know. 'Adawadvhidasd.' (Visit) I hear Cheveyo's voice and I know to follow his words. "Ok," I murmur. "I'll meet her." He smiles at me.

"I'll call her after the party tonight," He says. I look at him with a raised brow.

"Ash, you probably won’t get home until after four in the morning. Surely your grandma won’t be up." He shrugs.

"Grammy likes to get her day started early." What elderly woman is up just lounging around at four a.m.? I push the thoughts out of my head. I need to find something to wear to Ben's party.

"Mel, what am I going to wear?" I ask sounding panicky. We have ten minutes to get there and I look like I live in Idaho on a goat farm.

"Wear the dress," She says pointing at the black leather. I gasp.

"I just told you my deepest darkest secret and you suggest that I go out in that slinky thing?" I ask. She shrugs her shoulders and smirks at me.

"It was just an idea," She laughs. "But I think I have another dress in the car." She stands up and skips out of the house. Ash and I sit in silence for a few moments.

"I dream about Mel too," He murmurs quietly. I look up at him and he looks almost as if he's afraid. "I never told my Grammy about it, I'm actually relieved that you dream about someone too."

"Does she die in your dreams?" I ask hesitantly. He shakes his head.

"No, but she gets taken away in a carriage and I die." He whispers. "It’s like we're in old England. She was from an upper class family and her dad didn’t approve of our relationship. He had her sent away and he had me killed." He pauses. "You don’t think these dreams play a part in our future, do you?" I sigh.

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