(CAUTION: THIS CHAPTER IS REALLY LONG!)


I suddenly woke up to the sound of a beeping noise. It was Tom's alarm clock. Ugh it was only six in the morning. Oh yeah, I forgot he has training today. Sunday went so quickly! We just sat in all day, watching a movie or something snuggled up on the sofa wrapped in a blanket. I think me and Tom watched 21 Jump Street. Love that film! It's hilarious! Tom was doing his best to look after me, and you know what? I like that.

I was suddenly being gently tapped on the shoulder and gently shaken around by Tom. "Ivory..." he whispered. Oh my God his sleepy voice after he has just woken up is so sexy though. I couldn't help but smirk, just a little. ".....are you awake?" I turned around to face him but closed my eyes and pretended to snore. He threw the covers off him suddenly got out of bed.

"Fine then. I'll just have to go and dive in very tight speedos' on my own!" My eyes suddenly pinged open. Right, that's something I definitely don't want to miss. I then jumped out of bed and jumped on his back like a little baby koala bear! Pretending I was a little jet-pack on his back he ran around the room making 'vrooooom' and 'shoooooom' and 'zoooooom' noises. I screamed and laughed as he ran faster and faster around his room before throwing me off his back and onto his bed jumping on with me. We both lied down there and laughed so much until it felt like we both had a sick-pack! Well, that's easy for Tom to say. He already has one. 

"Fine! Can I come now?" I said, giggling. 

"Only on one condition though!"

"Oh God what?" I couldn't control my giggles!

"That I start teaching you how to dive today!" My giggles died down into a smile. I turned my head to look at him. Still smiling I replied.

"Only on one condition though!" I said. He smiled back at me.

"Oh God, what?" He tried to badly imitate me. He pretended to gasp. 

"That you give me a piggy-back downstairs!" He then gave me a fireman's lift off the bed and bent down low enough so I could climb on his back. 

"Stable?" He asked before slowly standing back up.

"Yeah! Giddy-up horsey!" I pretended to swing a lasso in the air. We both laughed as we went downstairs to get some breakfast. 


"Cheerios!" Tom thew a Cheerios box at me. I caught it and placed it on the table. I kept doing this for every cereal box he threw at me. Not throwing in a horrible way, of course.

"Chocolate Weetos!" "Cookie Crunch!" "Golden balls.....yeah they're my favourite!" I quietly giggled. "Alpen!" "Some, other...Muesli....." He frowned at the box. "Or Toast!" I lined up all the cereal boxes in a row and grabbed two bowls. He then started chucking fruit at me for me to catch and place on the table. "Bananas, apples, strawberries" Mmmmm! Raspberries! Mmmmmm!" I burst into fits of giggles again. It was hard to keep a straight face at him when he's hungry! 

"Let's just have a massive breakfast rave!" I blurted out! 

"Yeah, ok!" he shrugged in approval. We then started rapidly pouring different cereal into our bowls. We chopped up the fruit and also put them in. 

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