**Liam's POV**

"To best mates, great music, and a fucking brilliant two years!" Harry cheered as we all lifted our drinks and clinked glasses; mine of course being filled with water.

Louis and Niall immediately downed their shots and went up to the bar for seconds, Eleanor trailing behind happily. Harry and Zayn were already chatting up a couple of local girls who apparently didn't recognize any of us; either that or they're trying really hard not to "fangirl" over the lads. I shook my head gently at them and leaned back against the tall table we'd managed to score with all the people milling about the bar. It wasn't one if those trashy bars, though, which was a good change from what we're used to on tour and stuff. The whole place is right on the beach in front of our hotel, but available to the public as well, so there are a lot of different people here.

I sipped on my water, my eyes grazing over all the energy around me. It was a Friday night, so the place was crowded with blissfully drunk folks, partying their worries away. I could never understand what's so great about getting so utterly wasted that you can't remember anything the next day, but hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess. 

"Liam! How ya doin' mate?" Speaking of being wasted, Niall already seemed drunk out of his mind, and we've only been here for twenty minutes at the least! I patted his little blonde head and he smiled, his face flushed from the drinks.

"Hey, Ni." I sighed and he pouted.

"Come on, Li, don't be such a buzz kill! I know it's a rare thing for ya, but why don't ya try to have some fun for once? Look at all these people around us!" Niall gestured lazily to the giant dance floor filled with people. I rolled my eyes, ignoring his movement, and let him continue. "I mean, we're in Australia for Christ's sake! Live a little, go make out with a few girls! Do something, Liam!" He shouted over the music that seemed to have gotten louder. Before I could respond, he backed away and caught up with Harry and Zayn, who were ordering more and more drinks.

I scanned the crowd to find Louis and Eleanor and spotted them dancing in the middle of everything, pressed close enough together that I don't think a piece of paper could fit between them. Louis caught my gaze with his own and rolled his eyes, then flipped me off. I widened my eyes in disbelief and I saw him shake his head with laughter. He smiled suggestively and raised his arm to the dancing people around him, just as Niall had. This time, though, I actually followed his hand and took a good look at everything. My eyes instantly landed on a girl a few feet away from Louis. She was dancing with some big bulky guy, but her eyes were locked with mine. From what I could tell, which wasn't much due to the dark lighting, she had the most perfect, naturally tanned skin I've ever seen. It wasn't a color I'd ever noticed on anyone else; some sort of Caribbean tan mixed with a lifetime of being in the Australian sun. Beautiful, nonetheless. Wild, chocolate brown curls thickly framed her face and fell down to the middle of her back, sort of like...Ramen noodles, maybe. But what really caught my attention were her eyes. They were still looking directly into mine and seemed to be just a simple brown, but they looked full of mischief, adventure, and confidence that went perfectly with the rest of her.

I kept staring; I couldn't help myself, she was mesmerizing. Her eyes narrowed in amusement and the sexiest grin spread across her full lips. She turned around, her back to me, but only enough so that I could still see the side of her face as she danced closer to the guy in front of her. She ran her hands up and down his sweaty chest and wrapped one of her slim but toned legs around his waist, then dipped backwards to meet my gaze again. She grinded her body into the guy's as she did so, and I gulped hard. Then she did something that made my entire body tense and my blood rush south, if you know what I mean: she laughed. Not a making-fun-of-you laugh, but a beautiful, wholesome, head-thrown-back-in-pleasure laugh. She laughed and looked me dead in the eyes, detangling herself from her oblivious dance partner. With one last smile at me, she shook out her unruly curls and disappeared into the crowd.

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