*Ross’ POV*

I don’t know what it is but there’s just something about Liz. I can’t quite tell what it is but one thing’s for sure, I really like her. “ROSS!” Riker yelled from down stairs snapping me out of my thoughts. I trudged out of my room and down to the family room where Riker and Rydel were messing around on her computer.

“Yeah?” I asked kind of annoyed.

“Liz is coming over.” He said with a smile. I instantly brightened. “Oh and Nick too.” There goes that.

“Cool! When are they coming?” As if on cue the doorbell rang. Riker and I raced to get it but in the end, he won. Oh well.

“Hey Liz!” Riker said with a smile. Liz giggled and hugged Riker. Nick just stood in the door way with his hands in his pockets. I don’t think this guy’s good at meeting new people. Whatever.

“Ross!” Liz squealed running over to me and throwing her arms around my neck. I chuckled and hugged her back and Riker just smirked at me. Yeah, maybe it was a baaaaaad Idea to tell him I like Liz…… Liz pulled out of the hug smiling. “Hey where’s…” Was all Liz could ask before Rydel tackled her. They were both in a HUGE laughing fit and honestly so were we. Rydel and Liz hugged and then Rocky came in with Ratliff. “LIZ!” Ratliff yelled picking Liz up and spinning her around.

“Hey Ratliff!” Liz said giggling. I can already see they’ll be great friends. Rocky and Liz hugged and Rocky tried to flirt with her, but she shot him down which made us laugh. She said he looks wayyyyyyyy too much like her cousin. “So who wants to play truth or dare?” Liz asked with a mischievous grin. “YEAH!” we all yelled and then we burst out laughing. Mom and Dad weren’t home so we made our way to the family room. I sat down on the couch and Ratliff sat next to me pulling Liz on his lap. Those two are ganna be great friends. “Alright then, who’s first?” Ratliff asked.

(A/N: Ok so for each character talking they’ll have a symbol telling you who is who.

Riker – R*

Rocky – R!

Rydel – R>

Ross – R#

Ratliff – R}

Liz – L

Nick – N

Ok yeah!)

L “I’ll go!”

N “Oh no! I gotta warn yal that it is never safe to play Truth Or Dare with Liz.”

L “Oh really? Ok, Nick truth or dare?”

N “Oh shit. Dare”

L “Hmmmmm……I dare you to……….eat all of a sandwich that Ratliff and I make you!”

N “Oh no. Fine just don’t poison me!” Ratliff and Liz looked at each other before getting up and running into the kitchen. We laughed at them and I saw Riker pick up his phone because he had a text. “Who’s that?” I asked. “Liz.” He said smiling at whatever was on his phone. Just then Liz and Ratliff came in. Liz slid her phone into her pocket and she took the plate from Riker. The sandwich had god knows what on it! Nick almost puked but he’s ok.

R} “Alright my turn Liz truth or-“

L “Dare.”

R} “I dare you to…..


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