The Older Man I Had On The Bus

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The Older Man I Had On The Bus

I hate visting my familie, mainly because the bus ride is over 6 hour and there is never anyone to talk too. However I loved them, so I boarded the half empty Greyhound in the sketchy downtown bus station anyways. I usually sit at the very back of the bus with the 3 long seats, but there was a rather handsome older man who had found the first. I took the seats directly in front of him, slightly pissed I wouldn't get to lie down this trip. The bus took off and as it made it's way up North it became emptier and emptier. Eventually after a few hours I noticed it was just myself, and the man behind me. When we made our rest stop I went into the cafe and got myself a coffee, and some soup. When I tried to pay I only had my debt, but theirs was down, the older man from the bus was behind me and offered to pay for my meal. I thanked him and he told me I was more than welcome.

We boarded the bus just after the sun had set. It was dark on the bus. I put in my ear buds for a while and tuned out. After an hour the coffee hit me and I used the bathroom, as I exited the older man turned to me and said "Miss, are you all alone tonight?".

I replied, "Yes, just going home to visit some familie."

"As am I. Won't you keep me company for the remainder of the trip?" he asked me.

I couldn't say no. He was so sweet and his smile made me melt. I took a seat next to him and we began to talk. After an hour it was like I had known him my whole life. We laughed and smiled. He put his hand on my leg and we stopped talking. I looked at him. My heart fluttered, and then, he kissed me. Softly at first, then rough and passionate.

It was dark and the bus was empty, so we began stripping each other. Insane passion filled us, no matter how long we'd known one another. He gripped my tits softly and ran his tongue across my nipples. I grinded against him, I could feel him becoming harder and harder against me. I kelt onto the floor and took his long hard cock into my mouth. I slid my tongue up and down and took him whole after a while. He groaned as I licked his shaft and played with his balls with my tongue. Before I knew it he was licking my swollen clit until I came hard and fast. He mounted me against the window and I moaned quietly as he thrusted inside of me hard and fast, over and over.He grabbed my pink hair and pushed harder and deeper. Taking my arms behind my back he thrusted into me, over and over as I quiety moaned. Just before he came, I slid his cock into my mouth and let him cum. It was hot and slick as it slid down my throat. I looked up at him happily, and he pulled me up on top of him once more. I rode him until his eyes grew big. I knew he would cum again soon. I turned around and let him take me cowgirl, bouncing up and down, and when he came, I felt such a warmth. He grabbed my tits and groaned as he let his second load go. I slowed moved off of him and lay there in his arms. We held each other until the bus came to it's final stop.

I never saw him again

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