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Chapter 4: Things get better- or worse

Yuki was mad. No, mad was an understatement. Furious?

And she wasn't one to get mad easily.

But why? Why had Kaname-sempai excused her and called Aido-sempai in?

She was his fiancee, for god's sake!

He could have dismissed her with a hug or something.

And his eyes, their gaze, when he said "Aido".

What was with that?

And as for what was happening behind the door...


"Aido..." Kaname purred.

"Kaname-sempai..." Aido purred back.

They were on the bed- fully dressed, okay?- and were looking at each other with love sizzling in the atmosphere.

Blue met brown as they came closer.

This is the perfect moment, Hanabusa thought to himself.

As they slowly reached each other, warming themselves up in a great embrace, Aido knew that his dream had come true.

Kaname was his. And no one shall stop him.

Then, their lips locked.


By the time they had finished, it was already 11 a.m.

Yuki was probably hungry for Kaname's blood.

But who cared for that wretch? She could handle herself.

Aido flapped down his collar and let Kaname drink. Yes. Blood coud help increase the intimacy between the two.

Kaname drank whole-heartedly, enjoying every drop of Aido's delicious noble blood.

He knew something was amiss. But what could matter more than his undying love towards Kaname? What was a small b*tch compared to his love?


Yuki knew it'd be rude to knock and ask for Kaname's blood. That was being selfish.


Kaname was taking all too long. She hadn't drunk in a long time and Kaname's blood was the only blood she had been drinking.


What about herself?

Suddenly, she was furious.

She was hurting Kaname too much.

Oh! She could go hunt blood herself! And when Kaname and Aido were done, she'd be all so full, and Kaname will be pleased, right?


She opened the door and headed out.


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